Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rant..Part of this is for the Dog Talk Crew its 1 AM and I am Half-a-Sleep

The defense played good...UW only gained 297 total yards and Rankin and James combined were held to less than 30 yards. Stanback killed the defense with some good throws at inopportune times and his legs.

This game falls on the offensive playcalling and coaches. Brandstater has looked better, but give the kid a chance. The play calling is heavy Dwayne Wright and when Tommy needs to go deep, he just can't get it done. The Bulldogs are lucky Wright is so freaking good. Otherwise, FS scores maybe one touchdown on Saturday. The offense had no rhythm, Tommy had only completed 6 throws well into the 4th quarter and he only had 11 for the entire game. He should have completed 6 throws in one drive.

I see Paul Williams was finally added to the game plan, but the offensive coaches forget about the other WRs, who caught a combined 1 catch for 4 yds (thanks to Fairman). PW had 6 catches for 86 yards, but Fernandez is just as valuable.

Hill let Pinegar fling the ball all over the field, why not let Brandstater. He has the better arm, but is accuracy is suspect. Brandstater is slowly becoming a game manager and not a quarterback. At this pace it doesn't look like he will pass 200 yds passing in a game for few reasons:

1. Against really bad teams, Wright will be the offense and the passing game will not be needed per se.

2. Against good teams, Wright will largely be the only offense the team will muster. Brandstater has yet to prove he can beat teams with his arm alone.

3. Against average teams, Wright will again have a field day, and Brandstater may or may not have to make plays. Against Nevada he didn't need to, against UW he had to and didn't.

The Dogs are playing SEC football, but their opponents are hardly SEC quality. IMO, the only reason this team is and will be staying in games is because of Wright. Teams can stack the box, but Wright will still get 100 yards. Only if the vertical game would some appear. Dare I say Sean Norton?

In 2002, Grady was crap, Hill got lucky when Grady got hurt and was able to insert Pinegar. By mid-season, Pinegar became the starter, even though Grady was healthy again. Hill didn't break any of "his rules" per se, by giving Grady's job to Pinegar, because his reasoning was a health issue. Pinegar was healthy, but Grady wasn't. If Grady beat out Pinegar in fall camp in 2002, he must have been better, right? Or was it just because he knew the offense better? Also keep in mind there was also a new OC in 02 (Stagnetti). So if Grady beat out Pinegar in fall camp and knew the offense better, why didn't Hill insert him back into the lineup when he finally got healthy?

Now, why was Brandstater named the starter again...he beat out Norton in fall camp and he knew the offense better, supposedly... right?...through three games thus far in 2006, the offense doesn't look too complicated, give Wright the ball, and throw the ball on 3rd and long and hope your WR comes down with the ball.

Did that "QB controversy" hurt the team in 2002? I know Pinegar got his chance because Grady got hurt at Wisconsin, but he still got his chance and showed he could play in 2002(remember pre-chest injury).

I say give Norton was reps during the off week, prepare him for some game time action against CSU. Hill said if his QB was not playing well, he wouldn't hesitate to pull him. If Norton sucks against CSU, then Tommy is the QB and through thick or thin. But if he doesn't suck, then why not play the QB that gives the team the best chance to win...

the Dog Talk host were ranting that a QB change would break up the team because they wouldn't know who their starter is, that it would break up the flow of the offense(what flow, we're not talking about taking out Wright) and it would destroy Brandstater's confidence (I think it is a little too late for that). Hill said from day 1 of fall camp that he has two guys that could start and would be comfortable with either one playing...he wouldn't lie on TV would he???

The Dog Talk hosts were also calling out a caller to give an example when a change at the helm worked? The caller said NE with the whole Bledsoe to Brady debacle. The Dog Talk hosts said no, it has to be a college example. Okay, first, yes the NFL is different, second, it is freaking hard to just remember what you have for lunch, much less come up with an example of when a QB change worked at the college level.

Apart from injury, I can almost guarantee the 2002 team would not have won 9 games with Grady, but it did with Pinegar, that changed worked. But like I said apart from injury.

For the Dog Talk crew, last season Mike Stoops pulled his starting QB in favor of a true freshman Willie Tuitama. He was criticized but Tui led the 'Cats to a win at Oregon State, a blowout of top 10 UCLA, and a near upset of rival ASU.

Norton is the program's only Parade All-American, I would like to see him get some practice time with the first team.

I have seen both QBs evolve over the last year, Norton has always been a great passer, Brandstater has only recently become a great passer. Brandstater has the upside because of his height, but you can't measure Norton's intangibles.

Give the kid a shot, FS is 1-2 with Brandstater, Norton couldn't have done much worse. The next game is two weeks away and CSU should not be a stiff challenge. Brandstater starts, but give Norton the second and fourth series of the 1st half. And we can see how he performs under pressure in real game situations outside of high school.


hairofthedawg said...

I couldn't watch the game, just internet radio and a chat room, but for all of your complaints, you have to realize how heavily Husky fans were sweating the final minutes out. I've long admired your team and they definitely came to play.

This was a game I really wish I could have watched. Maybe we'll meet again in a bowl game...yes, I'm dreaming :)

bakodog said...

Is it just me or does tb hold the ball entirely to long.Are the recievers being re-routed? Tb is susposed to be able to make all the throws,so what gives. He is one tuff mo fo, I give him that.

pleasewintheWAC! said...

1977 - Norte Dame - Third Game of the season. Losing 24-14 to Purdue - Enter Parade Magazine All-American Joe Montana. He came in the game 2nd half. They won 31-24 and didn't lose again that season.

I'm not comparing Montana to Norton. The point is, it may not happen a lot, but you have to have faith in your team. If you feel your QB isn't playing up the level the team should be playing at, pretty soon you'll hurt the team chemistry by being stubborn and keeping the starting QB the same.

It's not fair to put TB in the position where he only gets to throw on 3rd down either. What chance are you giving a QB then? How can a QB get in a rhythm when he's only being given a chance to throw when the defense knows he's going to throw. DW is the sickest RB since Pittman, but use the imagination with the offense. Throw on 1st down for once this season. Keep the defense off balance. This is the most boring offense I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

the bulldog defense stinks!! offense wins games, defense wins championships. Some changes must be made asap defensively or the bull dog fans are in for a long season.

mdg said...

Defense stinks? WTF?

I would say Brown's scheme needs some work, but the base 4-3(no 7,8 or 9 in the box) shut down UW 250 ypg ground game. Rankin and James had 28 yds combined.

Someone should have spied Stanback, he killed FS, but mobile QBs have always done that to Brown's defense, like I said the scheme needs work. Defense doesn't stink, it's the coaching, IMO. UW only gained 297 yds, much less than they gained at Oklahoma.