Wednesday, September 06, 2006

FSU-Oregon Offensive/Defensive Line Preview

Offensive Line - Both Fresno and Oregon are very similar with respect to Offensive and Defensive lines. In fact it is very hard to compare the two because they are so much alike. Both offensive lines give their quarterbacks plenty of time to throw the ball. Neither quarterback was sacked in week one and truthfully Brandstater was pressured maybe twice the entire game. Oregon's qb Dixon can avoid the pass rush because of his speed but that isn't necessarily an advantage to the offensive line. Both offensive lines tend to open gigantic holes for their runnin backs to run through as was obvious in week one when both teams rushed for over 200 yards a piece. Fresno is going to have to find a way to pressure Dixon into making bad throws, something they could not do against Nevada. Oregon is also going to have to find a way to make Brandstater throw the ball on the run or before he wants to. That is something Nevada could not do either. Overall I expect both teams to have good stats with respect to running and passing. The Offensive lines are just to good to allow anything else to happen.

Offensive Line Advantage - Even

Defensive Line - Fresno State has struggled with the run outside for as long as I can remember and last week was no different against Nevada. While our line was made up of second teamers during the third quarter that is still no excuse to allow Nevada to run all but five plays the entire quarter. If Fresno allows Oregon to control the ball for that much of any quarter their defensive line will be decimated by the end of this game. Fresno's defense is made up of speed which can be a great thing at times. Clutts is fast and furious on the line but many times the opposing teams qb is given far too much time to throw. If Oregon is given this much time Dixon will tear our defensive secondary apart. At the same time our defense is going to have to do a better job of pursuing the rb during the game. We cannot allow Stewart to have a big game as he did against Stanford.

Oregon from what I understand is very similar to Fresno on defense. From time to time they have defensive lapses and allow huge chunks of yards on the ground. It comes as no surprise that they can allow passing yards because of the fact they like to go man to man on the receivers. Fresno will be able to open holes for Wright to run through but to expect six yards a carry against Oregon would be crazy. At the same time if Brandstater can make the throws to his receivers the Bulldogs will be in good shape. Oregon will get more pressure on Fresno than Nevada did, Oregon is just a better team all around. Fresno should expect blitzes from the safety and corner position at times because of Brandstater's relative inexperience. Overall Oregon's defensive line may have a small advantage due to the fact they are better at stopping the run, something Fresno has had trouble doing for quite a while now.

Defensive Line Advantage - Oregon

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