Friday, September 22, 2006

The WAC Weekend

The WAC weekend will be without Fresno State for the only time this season. However, the marquee game for the conference is no dud with Hawaii visiting Boise State this Saturday. The game will begin at 5pm here in California and can be seen on Boise State's athletic web site. I advise all Bulldog fans worried about the WAC title to watch this game as these will be two of the better teams in the WAC this season alongside our Bulldogs.

Now moving in another direction I have had a week to deal with our last loss to Washington. MDG wrote a blog on Fresno State's credibility as a giant killer and after our loss to Washington I would be hard pressed not to agree with him. Fresno State needs a big win against a marquee opponent and it needs to happen sooner than later. The problem is the only BCS school we have left on the schedule this year is LSU, who by no means is an easy victory. I did watch the game against Auburn (who plays a much better defensive scheme than we do) but I have to say LSU is not this juggernaut that I thought them to be. If Fresno can fix it's problems by the time we face LSU we definitely have a shot to do some damage against them. We run virtually the same offense as LSU (aside the fact they actually open up the playbook for Russell and throw vertically) and that should give us a chance to hang with them deep into the game in Death Valley.

At the same time there is a situation going on right now between Bulldog fans over on the Barkboard that is becoming problematic in my opinion. The situation over whether we should keep Brandstater or start Norton is getting out of hand. If anyone has noticed the past two games Brandstater has not lost these games. In fact I would go as far as saying he kept us in the Oergon game by minimizing his mistakes and making big plays when he had to. The Collegian feels like we as fans shouldn't give up on Brandstater . Tom Brandstater only one week ago was praised by so many Bulldog fans for being tough and playing through many ferocious hits from the Oregon Ducks. Only one week later many of our fans are ready to crucify Brandstater for a loss that for the most part should be pinned on our lack of execution with respect to the special teams unit. Give this man some time. Opening the season against Nevada, Oregon, and Washington is no easy task and if you want to try and compare him to someone Like Booty from USC you have some issues because Booty has so much more to work with than Brandstater ever will.

In the end the only point I am trying to make is this Bulldog team is going to be just fine. On a side not the video board was installed yesterday and is on schedule to be in operation next Saturday against Colorado State. There are no high school games and the game is at seven pm next Saturday so there is no reason for fans not to be out to support the Dogs. If you need a reason to get out there how about the weather being beautiful and the new board being installed? I don't feel like I should have to give you reasons to go watch Fresno State get back on track, but with how fair-weather many of our fans are I am sure people will not be attending simply for the fact that the Dogs are not ranked and are 1-2. Prove me wrong people, please do.

The WAC this week faces a tough road as I see only two teams coming away with wins. here is the WAC schedule:

NorthWestern @ Nevada: Nevada should come away with the win at home

Utah State @ BYU: Utah State can only hope to keep it close

La. Tech @ Texas A&M: Tech can stay close as A&M struggled with Army

Idaho @ Oregon State: Idaho just isn't that good and won't do much here

Cal Poly @ San Jose State: San Jose better win here against an inferior team

Hawaii @ Boise State: I am going with Hawaii in a shoot out. I know Hawaii doesn't win away from home, but this team just seems different.


pleasewintheWAC! said...

What makes Booty have so much more to work with then Brandstater? Brandstater has great receivers, a great running back and a great O-line. Maybe the one major difference is Booty has a much more creative offensive coordinator in ex-Dog Lane Kiffin then Brandstater does, but if you're talking offensive talent, Fresno is not really lacking in that department.

I'm not saying bench Brandstater, nor do I think it's fair to compare Brandstater to Booty, but it's not because Booty has more to work with. It's because Booty is just a better QB. He was one of the top recruits in the country and if Booty was at Fresno State, he'd be starting over Brandstater, plane and simple.

nsc said...

Well you are probably right, but you have to remember I am defending Brandstater against everyone who says that there are plenty of qb's that have come in as sophomores this season and done outstanding. I don't agree with that statement because there are few first year starting qb's in college who tear it up.

That being said when I state Booty has more to work with how about depth for one. If one man goes down for USC they have ten who can step in. When the Bulldogs lose an outstanding player we are in a hole. That is pretty much where I was going with that comment. Now I see you don't agree and that is fine, but I do feel like Booty is in a much better situation. Lane Kiffin knows how to call a game and allows his qb to throw, unlike Hagen who has no trust in our qb. What's the point of Brandstater playing if we don't let him throw the ball? Just doesn't make much sense now does it.

pleasewintheWAC! said...

I agree completely, which is why I mentioned Lane Kiffin. He knows how to keep a defense on it's heels. I admire Fresno's power running attack, but for years I've been hearing about Brandstater's Deep Ball. I want to see it. He's not going to become a better game passer unless they let him pass the ball in game situations. I say keep TB the starting, but let him throw the ball a little more. They need to take some pressure off DW. For the style of runner he is, all those carries are going to take a toll on him, I have to imagine.

nsc said...

You know I don't understand why they don't let Tom throw the ball deep to someone else aside Williams. Am I wrong here when I say that Fernandez and Fairman are fast receivers with great hands as well? between the three I still only count one dropped pass this season. I mean they don't get the ball to these guys but when they do it is not dropped. So why not give a little creativity to the offense and throw the ball deep? What about the quick slant to Williams? I mean they are ignoring plays that are open often and I don't know why. It is just frustrating as a fan to see what can be done and see the Dogs coordinators ignore it.

Anonymous said...

it is confirmed, WR Fairman is out for the year due to aknee injury sustained in practice. It is no big secret.