Saturday, September 09, 2006

What a Day for Football in Fresno

Tonight Oregon will step into Bulldog stadium to take on our Fresno State Bulldogs. Anyone who truly pays attention to the Oregon-Fresno State series knows these games tend to come down to whomever has the ball last. The last four times these two teams have played Oregon has come away the winner, but not once has it been by more than four points. Fresno State tends to have a team that matches up well against Oregon and tonight's team is no different. After reviewing each teams offenses, defenses, and special teams I found Oregon to hold a slight edge overall. However, many Fresno fans do not agree that Oregon's special teams are on the same level as ours. If I gave the special teams edge to Fresno then I would have said that both Fresno and Oregon are technically equal.

Tonight's game is going to be played in absolutely perfect football weather. In a city where 100 degrees has been the norm for over two months tonight's forecast is for clear skies with a temperature of 80 degrees at kickoff. By halftime the temperature should be down in the mid 70's. As Fresno State football fans we could not ask for more in one of our most important home games to date. Oregon comes in ranked #20, something the Bulldogs do not get to experience often. Teams from BCS conferences do not come into Fresno ranked to play the Bulldogs. Just ask those who have tried to win in Fresno from BCS conferences. Oregon State and Cal will tell you first hand how hard it is to win in Bulldog stadium. Tonight will be no different as Oregon will have to play a great game to beat the Bulldogs. However, don't get me wrong because Fresno will have to play near flawless to win the game as well.

Overall regardless of what happens Bulldog fans are in for a treat as overflow tickets have been sold out as well as all stadium tickets for tonights game. Tonight's game has actually been sold out since Wednesday, something we dont see in Fresno too often. The only thing I can say is Go Dogs, give it your all and you will have 43,000 fans behind you tonight at Bulldog Stadium.

Boise beats Oregon State - On a side note we should all be happy that Boise spanked Oregon State. Not only did this game expose Oregon State for the fraud of a PAC-10 school that it is, but it showed Boise can play and rip into a BCS school just as any other big name school can. This weekend is a big weekend for WAC schools. Here is hoping we can hold our own against the PAC-10. Other games between WAC and PAC-10 schools today are:

Nevada @ Arizona State

Idaho @ Washington State

Stanford @ San Jose State

Keep your fingers crossed that another school aside Boise can knock off a PAC-10 school. We don't want to be the doormats for these BCS conferences forever. The only way to knock that generalization about our conference is to win these important OOC games.


Anonymous said...

Dang it.

Special Teams!!!

And Defense.

We have a very good team.

WAC Champions I think.

Anonymous said...

SPECIAL TEAMS!!! I can't beleive that we lost on special teams plays. Thats our thing, thats what we do. This game breaks me up beacuse we were ready to take it and when it came down to what we do best that was where we lost. Its a crying same, but we were outcoached. To tell the truth, those were the kind of plays Hill used to call. I remember we took a lead against Hawaii a few years ago, and just to stick it to them and keep them off guard we kicked an onside kick return and got the ball back after the TD. That used the be Fresno State's MO, doing the unexpected to beat a team and make sure that we did it our way. For Oregon to come in and do that same style against us, cuts deep.

Anonymous said...

Special Teams!!! What was Machado thinking?! They said he made the same mistake in practice on Friday!

Hill was out coached.

Why can't they get the ball to Paul Williams?

Where was Tyler Clutts the whole game. I don't think he played after the 1st quarter. Isn't he the best D-lineman?

It's so frutrating everytime they made a great play they followed it up with a horrible play. I'm shocked it was even as close as it was. I can't wait to watch Adrien Peterson run for 250 yards against them. They are going to get crushed by Oklahoma.

And can somebody blow up the Red Seats. Maybe I'm just upset that I was sitting next to these obnoxious Oregon fans all night, but it seemed like everytime I looked over at the Red Seats on the West side of the stadium I saw people sitting, when I'm standing, screaming my head off, next to the ten Oregon fans who would not sit down or shut up for four quarters. If Fresno State fans don't show for the Colorado St. in two weeks it will just go to show how poor Fresno State fans really are. I think being the bridesmaid and never the bride one too many times has gotten to the fans. It was like people were begging to win, but knew it would never happen.