Thursday, September 14, 2006

Should We Concentrate on Losing Streaks?

Recently I have realized that the newspapers, television, and even Fresno fans seem to have concentrated their focus of Fresno State on the losing streaks we have gone thrugh over the past 10 years. For every season Pat Hill has coahced the Bulldogs they have had at least one losing streak of two games or more every year. Yes, it is a frustrating fact for Bulldog fans to deal with, but there is much more to this losing streak problem than one may realize. For example here is the losing streaks we have endured over the last ten years:

1997: Baylor, Oklahoma State, Oregon and Colorado State, San Diego State
1998: Colorado, Texas Tech, Nevada and Texas Tech, Utah
1999: Oregon State, UCLA
2000: Ohio State, UCLA
2001: Boise State, Hawaii ***** (best shot at BCS)
2002: Oregon, Oregon State and Boise State, Hawaii
2003: Colorado State and Hawaii
2004: La. Tech, Utep, Boise State
2005: USC, Nevada, La Tech, Tulsa

If you take a look at these losing streaks you will notice one thing in common: They are all losing streaks to pretty good teams. Yes, Fresno State has lost WAC games they shouldn't have such as the La Tech, UTEP streak in 2004. However, for the most part each of these streaks have been valid losing streaks. We may have been the better team in 2001 but losing to Boise State and Hawaii is nothing to be ashamed of. Both of those teams (who we also lost to in 2002) are continually considered in the upper echelon of the WAC.

Now I know, what's my point here. My point is maybe the media, the fans, and Fresno should stop concentrating on losing streaks. The Dogs don't go out there and hand these games to other teams. They don't try to lose games, they play hard every game. The only game I have ever questioned there effort in would have been La. Tech last season. Fresno State football does not need their fans second guessing whether they are going to lose or not. It's football, just support the team. If they win great, but if they lose don't abandon them. This is coming from a Anaheim Angels fan since the age of 6. I am 28 now and in 2002 we won the world series. Do you think anyone ever thought that would be possible? Just keep hope and do not focus on the losses. The Dogs will have their year, just give them some time.

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Anonymous said...

I am very proud to be a Bulldog fan. I too will stick with them through good and bad times. Fans that jump on the band wagon when all is going well are not true fans. All football programs have to grow and Fresno State is no different. As time goes by, we are seeing more and more of the valley blue chippers staying home to wear the Bulldogs gear.The day when they are considered best in the land is not far away.