Friday, September 15, 2006

What About the Athletes?

With the discovery of Reggie Bush's wrongdoings while attending USC being released today it made me think about how much of a fraud the NCAA is to their athletes. How much money do you think Peyton manning brought into Tennessee? How much money do you think Reggie Bush brought into USC? Both of these athletes put fans in the seats with their phenominal play while at the same time making money for their respective universities through jersey sales and such. How much money would these athletes receive if they did not accept money from boosters or agents? If your answer is nothing then you are correct. True, most athletes are on scholarships but the fact is that hardly covers daily life. While the universities first priority should be the health and well being of the athletes I can point to at least three reasons why the universities could care less if an athlete graduates or is injured.

1) Money - it will always come down to money. Athletics in college is about profit. Sure its great to have a team that wins the national championship in football. However, what a university president will be extremely happy about is the 17 million dollar payout that comes from making the championship game. Isn't it funny how these presidents can all get together and pretend to care about the athletes themselves but as soon as money comes up it changes everything?

2) The 12th Game - Prior to 2006 a 12th game would only be approved every other year and that was only if you made the trip to Hawaii (it's the island exception rule). University presidents who say a playoff cannot happen because it will interfere with school and cause to much of a burden for the athletes somehow think it's ok to have a game twelve. So instead of shaving the season back two games and having a playoff with the addition of one game the presidents will keep the BCS format and will now require twelve games out of each institution. But wait, isn't that more work for the athletes that the presidents care so much about?

3) Bowl Games - Bowl games purely exist to earn profit. Now there is the argument that a bowl game is a nice reward to a good season and I will not argue that. However, who is happy to play in the Silicon Valley Classic? Who is happy to play in the Humanitarian bowl? I am not saying the latter of the two is a bad bowl but you earn virtually nothing and it is a strain on the institution. If a playoff were to take place then these strains may not be nearly as tough on the student-athletes.

I am sure there are many more points that can be argued as to why the presidents in college football have screwed the game up horribly. The fact of the matter is that money is what makes college football work. Athletes are not given anything aside the sense of pride for playing their asses off. Some make it big and never have to look back, but most are not as lucky. What do you do to these players aside tell them that you are proud of their efforts? You don't pay them a penny and know they just went out and played their asses off for you and your university. The NCAA is the biggest fraud in the nation today. It's to bad that very little can be done about it aside allow these old men to keep operating under a system that sucks to say the least.


hairofthedawg said...

These are more or less off the cuff so feel free to rip them apart. Not much thought went into them.

The athletes are getting a free and valuable education if they want one. That's payment enough in my opinion.

If cheating is going to be allowed for certain programs, even the playing field. I am a little bitter about the UW sanctions in the early 90's so my opininion is biased.

I have no problem with the school making money off the athletic program as I'm pretty sure that a lot of people benefit from the money. I do have a problem with said money supporting an ineffectual and biased bureaucracy.

Personally, I don't think the standard will ever be fair, regardless of any reforms enacted. If there's a loophole, it will be exploited.

I've got the Huskies by 3-7 in a game that goes down to the wire. Here's to a safe game.

mark said...

thats it, i cant even wait ill you publish the washington vs fresno state review. That lost at the oregon was equal parts offensve line play and the fact that Brandstater cannot complete a past over 15 yards. He couldn't throw one agast Nevada either. Ditto today at Washington. They dont throw intermediate or deep because Brandstater has no accuracy, gets happy feet and lunges his throws(and the ball sails), and his release takes too long to develop (allowing db's to make plays). Am I the only one seeing this? Our offensive play calling is being limited to barndstaters current talent level.
Please stop protecting him and admiring his toughness and bash him a little for his bad throws. Im not saying put Norton in (yes I am), since the coaches think brandstaters the future (they are crazy), but It will be a long season. In which i will attend and watch every game and admire Wright for gaining yards against 8 men in the box. I know our safetys are poor but our defense and running has carried Fresno long enough and I guess they will have to continue to do so. thank you