Saturday, July 01, 2006

Football Scheduling 101

I caught a little bit of the Dog Zone on ESPN 1430 yesterday afternoon. Paul and Kelly were complaining about the BCS schools that keep backing out of their contracts with Fresno State. This discussion is on the heels of the announcement of Kansas's decision to drop their home and home with Fresno. They had Asst. AD Steve Weakland and former Bulldog and Chicago Bear Cameron Worrell as guests. AD Thomas Boeh joined the discussion via phone for his weekly Bulldog Business Report.

Besides Kansas, Paul and Kelly were bashing Kansas State because they got a report that KSU was planning to skip their trip to Fresno in 2007. Where in the hell did they hear that from? Sure KSU has a new head coach in Ron Prince. Prince is different than former head coach Bill Snyder. He is not a fan of the creampuff schedule. Prince has stated “big name” games will be the rule not the exception. I guess Paul and Kelly didn't realize that Fresno State just recently moved their 2007 date from September 1 to September 22 to accommodate the Wildcats, as well.

Boeh was sure to point out all those bits of info to the ESPN boys. That is why I listen to 1550 SNR. Tony and the gang never releases skeptical info or take skeptical info to heart. If Tony does, he mentions that the source is not the best. Paul and Kelly, on the other hand, were ranting like school-age boys about how much they hate K-State. I found it funny when Boeh put them in their place. But Kelly Carr still had to add his two cents with his, "I still hate Kansas State" statement." Boeh asked him why, and Kelly said with hesitance, "Because…they’re not Fresno State."

Anyways Boeh began to lay the law when it came to football scheduling at the DI level. He said there are three levels of teams you can schedule. The bottom level is DIAA teams, next is the non-BCS DIA schools and at the top is the BCS schools. Boeh also pointed out there is even separation among the BCS schools, the top 10 variety and the middle of the pack. He gave examples of Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and etc. of top BCS teams that rarely leave their stadium for an out of conference game. Then he talked about the Iowa States and Washington States of the world battling it out among them.

Kelly asked Boeh about the San Diego State series that is listed on future schedules. Boeh said there was never any "paper" with San Diego State just some verbals and handshakes. He also said he was unaware of the series being listed on WTF? He has been the AD for a year, and he has yet to notice the errors or inept information on I won't bag on him too much. He is heads and shoulders above Scott Johnson, and compared to Johnson he does work on issues besides women's basketball.

Boeh pointed out that Fresno State having Oregon, Kansas State and Wisconsin coming to Bulldog Stadium in consecutive years is as good as it gets for non-BCS schools. What is funny is all those series were contracts set up by Johnson. Boeh has yet to ink any deals with BCS schools. He did say a series with Washington State is a possibility. Paul and Kelly were puzzled why Oregon would come to Fresno but WSU won't. For those who don't know, WSU and FS has long term series scheduled from 1994-1998. FS traveled to WSU in 1994 and WSU was to travel to Fresno in 1996. WSU opted out of the 1996 game to play at Colorado in an ABC national TV game instead. Johnson cancelled the rest of the series with WSU, but I believe WSU was willing to come to Fresno another year. Johnson refused and refused to schedule any future games with Washington State.

Boeh will do his best to get games with BCS schools, but quite honestly the used car salesman mentality of Johnson is what killed most of the games set up in previous years. My guess is the WSU series, if it happens, will be a two for one. With FS traveling to Pullman one year, WSU coming to Fresno the next and the final game at neutral Seattle's Seahawks Stadium. Boeh mentioned that type of two for ones series is one of the creative ways of scheduling a non-BCS has to do. However, he didn't rule out the possibility of having a BCS team playing Fresno State in a Bay Area venue, but said, why when "we" can get a school like Wisconsin to play in Bulldog Stadium.

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