Thursday, July 20, 2006

Summer Workout Update by fsufever: Lineman, Kicking Game and Injuries

The FSFB continues with its summer workout updates, which are possible only because of the great work by fsufever. The FSFB gives a big thanks to fsufever, now to the update.

Offensive Linemen

While going down the dirt path leading to the Practice Field I saw what appeared to be Grizzly Bear tracks sunk into the dust about 1” deep. While I am an exceedingly brave man I still looked instantly around me and saw only 5 or 6 Offensive Linemen walking 20 yards in front of me. It’s hard to believe that one of them has a foot like that but it must be true. To give you an idea of the actual size, think of a spread open, first baseman’s glove and double it!

All of the OL have gained in size and weight this year and I would like to have their true poundage and will ask this next week (if I have the nerve…these are some mean looking guys). I do know that Denman is close to 315 pounds (that is not an error) and I have been told that Kyle Young is close to the 330 pound mark. This was told to me by one of the volunteer Offensive Lineman of 2-3 years ago who is helping them with their program. These are not fat people, these are big people. All the other Linemen are big, as well. They all squeezed into tight skin coverings that are massive to look at. They are bigger as individuals and bigger as a Line and I like that.

Defensive Lineman

The DL is also big and they are fast. We of course have two large gentlemen in the middle of the line but we also have a lot of big fast DE’s that should help them shoulder the charge put upon them by those despicable other teams. Two of the most physically imposing and perhaps the fastest are Jason Roberts and Ikenna Ike (DE or DT). They are all muscle and have good commitment in practice. Roberts is probably the fastest DL we have (at least I didn’t see anyone beat him in the Line Touch’s). And I would really like to see Ike play some at LB because of his quickness and strength. But let me say that the other DE’s are working hard, so they can start also. Tyler Clutts is usually the first one out there to start working on his quickness and agility and he will be hard to beat. How about Briscoe?

Also, look at one of our recruits this year named Andrew Jackson out of Grass Valley. His father said the kid came to FSU at 6’5” and 230 lbs. and now he is 6’6” and weighs 260. He’s also only 17 years old. I believe he’s going to out grow DE quickly and may become a Tackle. This looks like a good position for us for the next 2-3 years.

New Game??

Now, let us look at a brand new game that is kind of a cross between Rugby, Football and backyard Scuffling. The last three workouts after the OL and DL have done all their drills they have started making rude comments to each other with associated hand signals and some disgusting “mooning” and met on the battlefield to play (?) this new game. It starts with a pass from one Line towards the other and then proceeds somehow by passing, running, pushing, and falling forward towards some imaginary goal line. Did I mention that they pass like little girls? Did I mention that they are not exactly elegant on their feet? Did I mention that their two handed touches would kill the average Rhinoceros even when he is in rut? Well, if I didn’t, I should of because that’s the way they play their little game. But somehow, when all this is accomplished with a touchdown being scored (which is rare) there is much yelling in glee and poor loser cursing that seems to be hugely enjoyed by all. After watching them I believe this is the best exercise a Lineman can perform and perhaps their happiest time. It really is fun to watch.

The Kicking Game

I talked to Clint Stitser today and watched him kick and he is feeling fine. I told him we(FS fans) had been concerned but he said not to be. He has been kicking by himself for the past couple of weeks and that explains his disappearance. He said his leg is great and he can’t wait for the season to get here. He had great accuracy and was kicking in the 50-55 yard range.

Who's the Fastest 'Dog?

I asked four of our Back’s and two of our Receivers about who was the fastest man on the Team. All of them said Marcus McCauley was the fastest and Paul Williams was probably the second fastest. Then there was some debate about Elgin Simmons and Joe Fernandez being slightly faster than several others. I thought that Paul Williams might only be faster over a longer distance but these guys said this speed was based on 40-60 yards. Anyway, I found this interesting as we have two Receivers and two DB’s sharing this honor.

Also, I’m continually impressed by Frank Padilla’s speed. He could easily fill in at TB if necessary as he’s light on his feet, moves well left or right and is a good receiver.

Injury Update

Sean Norton is still having back problems although he can move better now but with only one more week of Voluntary Summer Workouts I would imagine he will take off until August 4th.

Marcus Riley is still out and they “hope” he will be back for Fall Practice. I have seen him running so perhaps he’s on his way.

Vercher was at workouts Monday, Tuesday & Thursday to visit but still is not involved in the games but he is moving around well. Now I understand he is to be married this weekend or next weekend and how is this to affect his return? Because of him not playing at all I’m not sure he will be back by August 4, probably more like the 14th.

Clifton Smith showed up yesterday for a few minutes but didn’t stick around too long. We’ll just have to see how that works out.

I haven’t seen Kreig Peters so have no idea there.

I talked to Vince Mays today and he said he is still rehabilitating his groin but will be out there on August 4th.

I won’t get into any negative comments but some of the Players that we hoped would fit right in are not in any kind of shape to help us yet. Perhaps a hard Fall Practice will do the trick.

Final Word

It’s been an interesting Summer Volunteer Workout season and I see many bright spots but have some reservations about all the Running Backs being healthy.

On the plus side I see bigger men with more experience on both sides of the Line over last year. I see much deeper reserves of good receivers and I think we have two quarterbacks that “physically and mechanically” are better than the one we had last year. If they can actually direct our Team is yet to be seen.

I will say that I have seen more interest and enthusiasm by the receivers this year, at any one of the Volunteer Workouts, compared to what I have seen in previous years. They love to run the routes because when they make the cut the Football is right there! It’s exciting to watch in Practice and I certainly believe they will carry this over to the actual games.

This has been interesting so far but now they must play under the Coaches strict supervision and become better acquainted with system changes. They seem to be motivated -fsufever


BdogPrideValleyWide said...

Great report. Keep up the good work fever. BTW, how many more voluntary practices remain?

mdg said...

Just one more week and then camp starts Fri. Aug 4.

Anonymous said...

Who is out of shape? You can not toss out a tasty scrap like that and not give at least a position

mdg said...

He's a decorated 4 star JUCO who had to sit out last year. He originally signed with Nebraska out of the College of Canyons in 2005. If you still can't figure it out by now, he is slated to play LT and Phil Steele even named him 4th team all-WAC despite not playing a DIA game and sitting out last year.

And he was out of shape in his one week of spring practice...