Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Just Ain't Into Yet

This year is the first year I didn't buy EA Sports NCAA Football since 1996. I have bought every other version since the game's inception in 1993, when it was released under its original name Bill Walsh College Football. However, my son has take the torch per se, and bought his first copy of NCAA Football yesterday. He is eight.

I have played one game, against him, and I lost. He was Texas and I was Fresno State, 46-41 was the final score. I tried not to beat him too bad and string the game along so he wouldn't get frustrated, but my plan backfired and I got beat.

It is his game, but of course I can still play it as much as I would have if I had purchased it myself, but the only difference now is the favorite team will be set to Texas and not Fresno State. Don't ask me why my son is a Texas fan. He used to be Michigan fan, but Texas became his favorite team in NCAA Football 2006 and Vince Young became his favorite player. He still likes the 'Dogs, but he lost a lot of respect for the team after they lost to Louisiana Tech to end the regular season.

I usually stay up all night the first night I play the game and input and update the Fresno State roster and most of the top players in the game. However, this year I really don't have the desire to. I thought about downloading the rosters off the net or sending a memory card off to have someone else download the rosters, but I decided not to. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a little tired of the NCAA game?

I am not much of video game person to begin with. NCAA is usually the only game I play, but lately I have been playing a lot of GTA: Liberty City Stories. I know I will eventually get into the NCAA playing mode, but for now I will point out what I have noticed about the game concerning Fresno State.

  1. Paul Williams, Marcus McCauley and Marcus Riley are the three impact players. The first two I expected but Riley is a bit of a surprise. Don't get me wrong, Riley is an impact player, but very few people outside of Bulldog fans realize that. I was expecting to see either Dwayne Wright or Dwayne Andrews as the third impact player.
  2. The game lists only five cornerbacks: McCauley, Damon Jenkins, Elgin Simmons and two true freshmen, Damion Owens and AJ Jefferson. Surprisingly, Jenkins is given an 84 rating, just three points lower than McCauley. Huh? And, Jenkins is listed as No. 20 in the game not No. 25.
  3. Brandstater is listed as the starter and Norton is the backup but the third rated quarterback. He is rated behind Brandstater and Christensen.
  4. James Paulk, No. 71, is black not white like the game depicts him. I could be mistaken. May be I was looking at the wrong player, remember I have only played the game once. And he was the starter in the game, even though he was out of shape and only practiced one week during spring.
  5. Joe Bernardi was in last year's game as a true freshman despite grayshirting, yet he is not in this year's game.
  6. Noticeable absence of wide receivers Jason Crawley and Marlin Moore, incoming defensive end Michael Stuart and incoming true freshman running back Lonyae Miller.

These are just a few things I will change and update when I get around to inputting the roster on NCAA.

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