Friday, May 19, 2006

Traveling Man: Therrian Fontenot

Why didn't Therrian Fontenot start at cornerback in 2003 and 2004? Were Richard Marshall and Marcus McCauley really that good? Marshall and McCauley were that good, even as freshmen and sophomores. But Fontenot is continuing to prove that he belongs in the NFL despite never being able to crack the Bulldog starting lineup his junior and senior year.

Fontenot was the fastest Bulldog during his years at Fresno State(2001-2004). He was the only true 4.3 guy in the program, but struggled at tailback his first two years. He made the switch to cornerback, yet injuries and Marshall and McCauley cut his playing time short. He never really logged enough plays to be considered a legitimate NFL draft pick, but the Buffalo Bills saw enough potential in him to sign him as an undrafted free agent in 2005.

He is referred to as the traveling man. Buffalo cut him in the 2005 preseason and he was picked up by Green Bay. He was a member of the Packers practice squad the entire season and played in the season finale. He is playing for the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe, as a Packer, this spring and has been very impressive.

Fontenot's success begs the question, is the 2004 Bulldog secondary the best ever? Or just the most talented? The 2004 secondary has had three players drafted(James Sanders 2005, Richard Marshall 2006, Tyrone Culver 2006), two undrafted free agents(Fontenot 2005, Raymond Washington 2006), and a potential top 10 pick(Marcus McCauley 2007). If Sanders had returned for his senior year in 2005, hands down the 2005 secondary probably would have been considered the best ever. When McCauley signs the dotted line next spring it will substantiate the talent Pat Hill has assembled in the defensive backfield the last five years. And lets not forget Josh Sherley and Vince Mays, both were sophomore contributors in 2004 and have the potential to make an NFL roster in 2007.


Anonymous said...

No question, best secondary ever, but who did Raymond Washington get picked by as a free agent?

mdg said...

The Raiders!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for him! I hope he makes the team, if for anything the fact that the guy can jump through the ceiling. He's almost worth having around just to block kicks!

Anonymous said...

Question is if the news guys comming in have that same potential.

Anonymous said...

They should. Damon Jenkins along with Vincent Mays need to erase themselves from the "Recruits With Great Potential That Haven't Shown Anything Yet In A Game!" catagory.