Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mankins and Sanders Have Bright Futures in NE

Patriots Football Weekly is reviewing its 2005 draft class, and for the most part it stands out as a very solid group after one season of play. Two of the cornerstones in New England's 2005 draft are former Bulldogs Logan Mankins and James Sanders.

Mankins made the move to guard in the NFL after playing LT his entire college career. Mankins started every game his rookie year and secured his starting spot for future years. There might not have a more consistent rookie in the NFL last year than Mankins.

Sanders first year was not as great, but that was only due to an ankle injury. He started one game against Denver and looked good in his limited time. He has impressed one person, Patriot Pro Bowl strong safety Rodney Harrison. Sanders will be in a battle to fill Harrison's spot until the injured Pro Bowler is ready to return to the field.

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