Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ryan Dinwiddie a Future Bulldog Assistant??

The most efficient passer in the history of the NCAA used to have field days against Fresno State, but someday he may walk the sidelines of Jim Sweeney Field. He single handily defeated Fresno State in 2001, destroyed them in 2002 and pulled the hat trick by beating the 'Dogs again in 2003. Pat Hill passed on the former Elk Grove prep out of high school only to see him set WAC and NCAA records for three years.

Despite all the accolades for the 2003 WAC Offensive Player of the Year, he has been unable to land in the pros. From the NFL to the CFL, Dinwiddie has had no luck. He is still waiting for his shot.

If he doesn't make in the pros he has his education to fall back on. He may consider coaching even at Fresno State?

The degree, Dinwiddie knows, will help him in any post-football future, especially if he opts to go into coaching. His former coaches, Chris Petersen and Dan Hawkins, have talked to him about it. So, too, has Fresno State coach Pat Hill.

Now that would be a site see Ryan Dinwiddie in Bulldog red.


Gofsudogs2006 said...

Can anyone argue that the two single best seasons in college football history have come from Dinwiddie and Volek? I find it funny that two of the shorter qb's in footbal had two of the best seasons ever. I believe Volek has the single seasn record for pass efficiency while Dinwiddie has the record over the course of his career at Boise. I just think it's ironic that most of the time we worry aobut the heighth of the qb when these guys have shown it may not be about height but instead talent.

pleasewintheWAC! said...

That's why Pat Hill signed Sean Norton. He didn't want to get burned again after passing on Dinwiddie.

mdg said...

Volek was a machine. He had some of the best intangibles I have ever seen in a Bulldog qb. He set the NCAA record for td-into ration with min 300 att, 30 tds to 3 ints.

Dinwiddie was perfect for the Boise system. I don't know if he would have the same success under Hill. His arm is average at best, but the kid is a freakin winner. That alone makes him head and shoulders better than Pinegar.

Hill passed on Dinwiddie because of character issues. As you may remember Dinwiddie had quite a few off the field problems at Boise State, including a DUI. That wouldn't fly under Hill.

Gofsudogs2006 said...

Understandable that Hill wouldn't be ok with some of the stuff that happened with Dinwiddie but honestly he put the ball in the perfect spot when he was in college. Some of the throws he made against FSU were unreal. I could not believe how many third downs he ate us alive for. I just feel like he was the man during his time at Boise.

As far as Volek we were lucky to have a guy so consistant. I mean 30 td's and 3 int's, will we ever see anyone have that type of ratio again? I honestly do not know if that is something that can be matched by anyone. It's to bad the defense stunk because that to me is the single best qb season we have ever had at FSU. Volek also set the record that year for fewest interceptions per pass attempt. Records he should be very proud of.

mdg said...

That 99 offense was pretty damn good and balanced. It just lacked a blocking fullback, an experienced O Line and big receivers. The Smurfs(Wright and Smith) could only do so much. Ward and Gaines was a great 1-2 punch at tailback, IMO a bit more potent than Sumlin and Mathis, they justed didn't have the hogs up front to dominate the line of scrimmage.

Imagine if Volek had this year's WRs and OL. That's why I think Norton or Brandstater will do just fine.

Gofsudogs2006 said...

Thats what I am saying. Take our offense now and put Volek in there with his 30 td's and 3 int's and we will win almost if not all of our games. Problem is I don't know how the defense is going to do. That's the rough part of it all. If Riley is not around then what do we do? I think if we expect an 8-4 record or so from this team then we are expecting right at their potential. 10-2 or 11-1 would be overachieving. 6-6 is definitely underachieving. Whenever people predict they just go off the deep end and do some crazy predictions. What they should do is predict based on potential, talent, and expectations. To me that says 8-4, but I am sure everyone else thinks quite differently.

mdg said...

The defensive line will be Hill's best. Riley needs to be back, but Shamblee or Brown could fill in and have the speed to be effective. CB will be tough, but Hill said he feels very comfortable with his secondary.

Which could be interperted two ways:

1. The safeties are very talented and will help out the newbie at CB, especially with Vincent Mays improved play.

2. Hill is confident that his DL will put enough pressure to offset the secondary.

Gofsudogs2006 said...

I still have my doubts about our secondary. First off let me say i am more than thrilled that we have one of the top cb prospects (if not the top one) in the nation this season in McCauley. It kind of reminds me of Deion Sanders and how he was a lockdown corner on his side of the field. I think McCauley wll be the exact same for state this season. The other side is a little crazy without Marshall. I guess I am just a bit worried about that side because even with Marshall we gave up big plays on that side. Anyone remember Nevada?