Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Let the Countdown Begin

Countdown to 2006 Bulldog Football

I find this 100 days of Bulldog football real interesting because for me Bulldog football is 365 days a year. As many of you already know, I try to post something new everyday. There are days I just get tied up and never get around to it. Then there are other days I just can't find anything really significant to post.

Go back to last summer and there was only the Bark Board available to get your daily Bulldog fix during the offseason. This summer fans not only have the Bark Board, but also the 100 days of football available on, Brad's Redwavereport and of course my blog. And the Fresno Bee's David White is also a great source, when the Bee gives him the time and space to write his stuff.

Each one of these sources provides something different: was once the only place a fan was able to access schedules, roster information and the occasional article. The site has been criticized by fans for being weak and not informative. Hopefully, the 100 days campaign is a sign of things to come.

The Bark Board is and has been the long trusted source for the Bulldog scoop. The message boards are top notch and there is always someone logged on ready to answer even your stupidest question about Bulldog football. As well if you order a Total Access Pass(TAP) not only do you get access to inside Bulldog info but a free subscription to Sports Illustrated for one year.

The Redwavereport is new but Brad provides something different for Bulldog fans. His site is dedicated mostly to recruiting. If recruiting info is what gets you wet then Brad's site is for you. Keep in mind most of the content is premium and you must be member to access it, but there is still some free content.

David White is one of my favorite Fresno State football beat writers. I like reading his stuff and his game breakdowns are top notch. However, he will not be writing anything consistently until probably late July.

The FSFB will always be free but you got to deal with my opinions and thoughts. I will always try to find the obscure information on FS football and add my two cents. Feel free to send me anything you find about Bulldog football, remember I am only one man.

There has not been a better time to be a Bulldog football fan.


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the info and links to keep me updated during the offseason.

great news about clifton smith too. he is a major key to the season. he's a game changer. if he can come back 100%, fsu will be dangerous everytime he is on the field. he will keep defenses on their heals.

gofsudogs2006 said...

Think about this: If Clifton Smith is healthy our qb (whomever it will be) will have the following players to throw or handoff to: Smith, Wright, Miller (if he doesnt redshirt) Fairman, Fernandez, Williams, West, and Pascoe. I know I left some of the younger guys out of there, but if Norton/Brandstater cannot complete passes with this team there is no way they will ever be successful. Fernandez is as good a possession receiver as the Dogs have ever had and we all know what Fairman and Williams can do. Smith is a difference maker in more ways than one and should help the k/o team return to prominance. He is the key to the offense, and here is hoping he can throw a wrench into the defense as he looked to be doing at Oregon earlier this season before injury hit him.

mdg said...

if Clifton is ready to play by game 1, then the season is a whole different ball game. But we can't forget about Marcus Riley either. Brown and Shamblee looked good in spring, yet Riley is key part of the defense at WLB.

Anonymous said...

For sure, Riley is the key to the defense. I honestly believe it would've been a different outcome had he played in the second half of the SC game. Losing him for the season would be a huge blow to the defense. If they lose him, I just home somebody can step in and fill that large hole. Maybe one of the new freshman recruits? They looked like they had some real athletes coming in.

Clifton is just insane though when he touches the ball, and to think that they guy that was his backup, Jennings, was drafted in the 6th round. That just goes to show how much depth Hill has been able to add to the team year after year. I guess I'm so excited about Clifton because he's the most electric player I've ever seen at FSU. He literally can score a touchdown from anywhere on the field everytime he touches the ball.

pleasewintheWAC! said...

I agree, with Williams, Fernandez, Wright, Smith and Pascoe alone, Brandstater has fallen into a great situation. With all the hype surrounding this guy the past two years how could he lose out, unless Norton is just that good. Right? Either of these guys have to be good enough to not screw this up. Please somebody tell me this is true, because we're seriously looking at the greatest collection of offensive playmakers in FSU history, with Williams and Wright being sure fire NFL draft picks and Smith being right there in the mix is be can prove his durability.

Gofsudogs2006 said...

That is exactly what I am hoping for. I want to see an offensive explosion with respect to Brandstater/Norton. I honestly do not care who plays qb, just give us someone who can make the throws that Paul could not. There is a defnite edge to Brandstater since he can throw the deep ball so well. The defenses we face will have a hell of a time trying to keep down Williams and Fernandez on the deep pases. But can you imagine an option play thrown in there from time to time with Norton and Smith running around the corner? Good luck catching those two.

I agree without Riley we would be depleted in the LB area. Maybe we have recruits there to learn the spot but honestly what is a harder position on the field than LB? They control the field and are the generals on defense and Riley did it well. We need him back and healthy. I am crossing my fingers for that. You have to figure we will not fall on hard times nearly as much this season as we did last season. A break will go our way soon enough so we shall see when it happens.

mdg said...

The spring scrimmage and game didn't give the new qbs justice. In all the practices I saw all 3 made throws Pinegar could only dream of making.

Whoever takes the reigns at qb will have the best offensive personnel surrounding him in the history of Bulldog football.