Tuesday, May 30, 2006

100 Days of Putting Me to Sleep.........

I hate to bash my alma mater's athletic website, but the 100 days of football crap is starting off kind of slow. The stuff they are writing at gobulldogs.com is nothing special. It is information that should always be available to the public on the website. It shouldn't need any special 100 days of football promotion. I am expecting this marketing ploy to deliver some info Bulldog fans want. If it continues with the same senseless stories about tickets, Bulldog football fun, and advertisements for the Bulldog shop, it is going to lose readers.

If the point is to get the word out about Bulldog football, how about billboards, newspaper ads, and banner ads on the website. The athletic department is one week into their 100 days event and there has yet to be one "exclusive" article.

Why don't they profile a Bulldog player each day? How hard is to do a Q&A with a player? Have the players answer the same five to ten questions and each day post a different player's response. I would much rather know what Richard "Oso" Pacheco's favorite food or favorite movie is than how much I have to spend at Bulldog Shop to get a Timeout bobblehead. Honestly, what am I going to spend $75 dollars on at the Bulldog Shop? The Shop has little or no football apparel. The football stuff supposedly will be in by June 1.

I can head over to Champs Sports, today, and buy a No. 13 or No. 32 football jersey or pick up any of the immense amount of Bulldog T-Shirts they carry for the bargain price of 2 for $20. And how come I can never find a Fresno State pennant? I found one of all places at the college store at Pier 39 in San Francisco last summer. I have since bought more online at Proamsports.com for only $3.75.

That is enough bitching; many fans already know what a crappy selection of Bulldog merchandise the Bulldog Shop carries. There is no need to beat a dead horse. Let’s get back to the task at hand, more info on Bulldog football. If Fresno State is ever going to reach the pinnacles of football like that of the Midwest or the South, it has to be talked about 365 days a year, not just a 100.

The preseason magazines will be hitting newsstands this week and next. Most will peg the Bulldogs to finish below the top spot in the WAC, and will downplay the recruiting class, despite the 7 all-state players. But the hardcore Bulldog fans know that this year's team has a boatload of talent, and a stellar recruiting class. The reason the masses don't know this is because gobulldogs.com doesn't keep its fans informed. The Spring Prospectus is not even on the site nor is a "correct" roster. There is no freakin post spring depth chart, and the player and coaches' profiles need to be updated.

No wonder the masses have no freakin clue what is going on. When Pat Hill made his significant announcement, Bulldog fans from all over the world were surfing the web for the news. Did gobulldogs.com release a statement directly following the announcement? No freakin way! Aaron (Bark Board Administrator) called me from Atlanta for the heads up. I gave him the info and he posted on the Bark Board within 30 minutes of the announcement. Real fans go to the Bark Board for all the latest up to date info. That is great for Aaron, but the average fan doesn't know about the Bark Board or realize it is free to read and post your opinions on the message boards. The average fan goes to gobulldogs.com and rereads the same material that has been posted for the past 3 months.

My blog is in its infancy, and I have gotten my share of emails of people telling they enjoy my blog and have made it their center for all their Bulldog football info. I thank you for the kind words, and will continue to do my best.

I created the blog because I got so sick and tired of looking for info and news about Bulldog football. And I knew there had to be others in the same boat. When I finally had the time, I put it together and it has grown a lot bigger than I ever thought it would be. I have worked with Aaron, and Brad at the redwavereport, to promote Bulldog football heavily. I would hate to think what fans would have to do for their Bulldog fix if our three sites didn't exist. Oh wait, I remember, search gobulldogs.com, read the Fresno Bee and watch whatever lame story the local news decides to run. This is no offense to David White or any particular sportscaster, but honestly these guys don't have or get the time to give the scoop.

When football season rolls around Neil Coppola will help me out with team breakdowns, previews and analysis, but if anyone wants to break down the 2006 team during the summer downtime drop me a line. I am looking for a good concise breakdown and analysis. In other words you better know your shit. I don't want any of the 'Dogs are going to run the table and go to the BCS garbage. If you think that, I want to know why. I want to know why you think FS will beat Oregon. I want to know how FS will be able to move the ball on LSU. I want to know how FS will win in Boise. I want to know how FS will win the WAC this year, when it hasn't been able to do it the last 6 years.

If you are a bit skeptical, then tell me why. Why will the 'Dogs suck? And don't spout off about the new quarterback either. That is a tired and lame excuse. Was Paul Pinegar a gunslinger? No and he didn't do too badly. Will it be the schedule? Will it be durability at tailback? Will it be the new offense? Will it be the defense? Give me the lowdown.

I am just a fan like you; I am not an insider (although I do have my sources). I know there are Bulldog fans out there that bleed more Bulldog red than me, but just don't have the time or resources to post or write a blog. I know because I used to be one of them. I didn't have my "own" internet service provider until 2003 and didn't get my "own" high-speed connection until last year. I didn't even have cable/satellite TV from 2003-2005. I didn't start posting on the Bark Board until last year. I didn't have the time and didn't really care for message boards. But somehow I managed to keep up with the team as much as I could. Now, I have a little bit more time and resources to blog about the 'Dogs and college football.

So in short, I am looking for hardcore fans to send me their .02 about the 2006 season. I will post every one if they meet the criteria mentioned above. If good enough, I could have Aaron post it on the front page of the Bark Board. As well, our partners at 1550SNR will be updating their website and your analysis could make their front page. The idea is get everyone thinking Bulldog football, and frankly gobulldogs.com needs the help.


gofsudogs2006 said...

Well the 100 days until our first game has tunred into the 100 days of crap. I cannot believe one of the days is actually dedicated to TimeOut of all people. TimeOut is a damn plush costume for God's sake. Anyhow onto the more important subject of Bulldog Football: The 2006 season.

This season i am going to try and analyze the teams we play by watching their games weeks before our game to see their strengths and weaknesses. Last season I had said USC would beat us by 10 and they got us by 8. I remember saying that it was possible for us to lose to both Nevada and La. Tech although i didn't think we would. I remember writing that Pinegar could spell disaster with a fourth quarter int. which he did each time.

This season I think it is going to fall on our qb. I know we have depth in so many spots, but qb is not one of them. If anyone wants to pretend teams can win without a strong qb look no further than Tennessee last season. Picked to finish in the top 5 what happened when their two qb's fell apart? The team fell apart as well. I know we will have a good running game, but if defenses can stack the line much like they did against the Dogs in 2004, this could very well be another long season for FSU.

Anonymous said...

hey mdg, I really enjoy the blog. Barkboard rocks as well. Bulldog football should be 24/7 like you say. Thanks to guys like you it is. Keep up the good work. grew up in Firebaugh, now reside in Bakersfield and loving the West high pipeline to the dogs.

mdg said...

gofsu...I will hand it to you, you've been worried about the qb situation from day one. But at least you have reasons and have done some research. If the new qb can't perform, the 'Dogs will get stopped if teams stack the line. That is very true, and Pinegar cost the Dogs a couple of games with his (lack of)arm.

I will differ about Tennessee. Fulmer screwed that team over by not sticking with one quarterback. Clausen led the Vols to that big win at LSU, but Fulmer went back to the inept Ainge. The offense lacked any firepower last year and they fired the OC. If you ask the Vols fans, they will tell you the team just gave up and didn't play with any heart.

At least we agree the 06 FS team needs a leader at quarterback. He doesn't have to be gunslinger, he just has to lead this team with some confidence. Believe me, these new qbs believe in their arm strength and the receivers believe the ball is going to be on the money when the look up or turn around for the catch.

I am not too worried about the qb, but am more worried about focus. Hill made a very intersting comment the other day at the announcement. He said playing USC late in the year was like opening all your gifts on Christmas Eve and not having anything left to open on Christmas(Nevada, LA Tech, Tulsa). He also said if college football was set up that if a team won the WAC and automatically advanced to the BCS, then he would probably revamp the schedule to make the WAC games more important.

Hill isn't stupid. He knows winning the WAC and beating a Colorado State or Toldeo and a DIAA out of conference will do nothing more than get FS a invite to the MPC/Hawaii/New Mexico Bowl. He knows college football is all about all or nothing. And for FS to compete it has to play and beat the best teams in the country.

He hasn't been able to keep his teams focused after big games, and he hates to have BCS games right in the middle of season but what can he do. He takes what he can get. Hill's dream of making FS a big-time program is a lot harder than most think. If this year's team stays focused it will win 10-11 games with ease. LSU is very tough, but if this team can stay focused it is talented enough to finally beat the Broncos on the Blue rug. If it can't stay focused, they could easily lose 3 of its last 6 games, not too mention, early games against Oregon and Washington.

mdg said...

thanks for the kind words....I hope the pipeline extends from West to BHS....I would love to see Justin Cheadle and Philip Thomas in Bulldog red. I spoke with Cheadle and he likes FS, but the kid has a freakin 3.8 GPA and is looking at USC/UCLA for academics, football, and proximity to Bako.

dxzqg said...

MDG you make good points about Tennessee and I agree that Fulmer completely jacked up that situation. But aside the one game where Clausen beat LSU I did not see him have another strong peformance. The defense on Tennessee was outstanding or they would not have been in any games in the first place. I just feel like if our qb does not lead us we are going to have various problems this season. When i do the previews you can count on the qb position being hit over and over again. I subscribe to the theory that the qb is the most important position on the field and without a great leader we will struggle.

Focus as you say will be a major problem. It has been for how many years in a row now? I mean how often does Fresno get up for the big time teams and lose the WAC? i wish we could win the WAC but honestly year after year I am not to sure I care if we do. I just want to beat USC, Oregon, Washington, and any other big time teams we play. Hill is right when he says the BCS does not award you for winning the WAC: just ask Boise.

I just wish we could keep focus for an entire season. It would be nice to see the Dogs finish off a season as they started it: with intensity and focus.

mdg said...

Clausen wasn't going to win any games with his arm, but he was an experienced leader at the qb position. Ainge, although talented, always looked lost on the field. The defense was good enough for Clausen to lead a basic pedestrian attack and the Vols would have won 8 games.

FS is in a similar situation. The qb does not have to be spectacular because of the weapons and experienced around him. He just needs to lead this team and work within the system. Hill and Hagen will adjust the playbook to fit his style. A quick strike/screen to Williams, Fernandez or Fairman allows those WRs to make the play. As for the long ball, the qb just has to get the ball within a couple feet of Williams, something Pinegar had trouble doing consistently. Don't forget Wright and/or Smith running behind a very good line. The defense will be better if everyone stays healthy.

I guess my two big concerns are focus and health. Sounds simple but FS always loses focus and for the last four years have been bit by the injury bug way too much.

gofsudogs2006 said...

The health thing really concerns me. I dont remember the last time we had a season where a key player was not lost. If it isn't Riley it's Smith. If it isn't Smith it's Wright. I mean just once I would like to see us keep all of our key players in tact like USC and Texas did this past season. It would be nice to be able to rely on the same guys week after week. How is Riley's status anyhow? He is huge to defensive success seeing that LB is the most dificult position to take control of. We really need Riley this season.

Aaron said...

Mario, your blog is preaching to the choir.

Sometimes I wish we had the chance to take over gobulldogs.com and make it into a better website.

Hell, I'd do it for free.

fsumom said...

You are absolutely right when you say there just isn't enough day to day at gobulldogs.com. Us spectators would love to know what the team is doing all the time, your suggestion of player profiles is a great one. How about something like how during spring training the players got report cards and what they go over,
the program is interesting to the outside spectator.

I have spoken with a few of the older players and they feel that the qb situation isn't all that questionable. I believe that Pat Hill brings to this team an understading of the fact that he expects each player to handle his assignment and that the qb will handle his. Their new offense is very simplistic compared to past with different formations presenting at tight end especially. We are fairly deep with good size and can give the qb some excellent options there. I think though a healthy season is what we really need.

MDG I really enjoy your blog and it give me a FSU football "fix" daily. THANKS.

sport2083 said...

I was just dropping a line cause i am interested in taking part in previewing for next year with each game if i read that right. Im kind of new at this but i read your site every chance i get, you have alot of good stuff and i agree with alot of what you say keep up the good work.

mdg said...

fsumom-thanks for the kind words. gobulldogs has all the resources at its disposal but hardly ever uses them.

I share your thoughts about the offense. Hill has always preached for the next guy to step up. Fill the holes and keep playing Bulldog football, there is no time to dwell, someone just needs to step up.

Here's to a healthy 2006.