Sunday, May 21, 2006

Manny Heads to B.C.

Former Bulldog linebacker Emanuel(Manny) Sanchez bypassed undrafted free agent contracts from NFL teams for a guaranteed two year deal with the CFL's B.C. Lions.

Sanchez was a former walk on and became a great supporting linebacker in his three years. Unfortunately, many Bulldog fans will remember him for his hapless performance against USC last year and the three games that followed against Nevada, Louisiana Tech and Tulsa. In his defense, he was never a run stopper. Sanchez was at his best in pass defense. The truth is not too many defenders are able to stop Reggie Bush anyways.


Anonymous said...

who ever wrote this obviously has no clue what they are talking about! Look at the stat books, look at the productivity, manny was an awesome player to watch and he will always be remembered!!!

Bill McKinley said...

i agree, i always seen Mr. Sanchez at the tackle or right there!! he was the only player on the defense that did what he could to get to the ball! now look at there defense...!!

Jim said...

If it werent for Manny's 4th quarter interceptions with just minutes remaining, we would have lost the home games versus Oregon State and louisian tech in 2003! Manny didnt play professional football after Fresno for no reason. He also played in the Las Vegas All-American classic. In Manny's defence, this guy comes from being a quarterback and free safety in H.S. to a D1 starting linebacker! Who does that?? Also, I heard he is back in his hometown teaching at a continuation school. Cuddos for Manny!