Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'Dogs Can't Sell Season Tickets

Well at least in Seattle. The University of Washington is having trouble selling season tickets for the upcoming football season. All their rivalries and big games are on the road: Oregon, Washington State, USC and Oklahoma. And their biggest out of conference home game is, you guessed it, Fresno State.

How come the Bulldogs can't sell tickets in Seattle? How come Fresno State, alone, is not a reason to fork over hundreds of dollars for six Husky home games? I'll tell you why, Fresno State has not reached the point to be considered a "name" team among the college football elite. Maybe if UW fans actually believed their team was good enough to beat Fresno State, among others, the Huskies could sell tickets.

Ty Willingham can get this program rolling again and a win over Fresno State just may be hump he has to get over. The opener against San Jose State will be a cakewalk for the Huskies, but then comes games at Oklahoma and home vs FS. The Sooners will beat UW handily, but I honestly think UW has a good shot to upset the 'Dogs.

A win over FS is just what the Huskies need. Is this correct? UW may need a win over little ol' Fresno State to get their program back on track? I believe so. If UW loses to Oklahoma, bad, and then gets their arse handed to them by FS, the season is a loss. The seven games after FS are against arguable the seven best teams in the Pac 10 and four of them are on the road.

In a year where FS is not good enough to help UW sell season tickets, it just might be the "name" team Willingham will have to beat to save his season and maybe his job.

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