Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Game 11 am at Sweeney Field

Spring football is winding down and the Spring Game usually caps off the practice schedule, but three workouts are scheduled for next week. This year's game is more anticipated than any other in school history for one big reason and a couple of other smaller ones.

The quarterback battle between three of the most talented young prospects in Fresno State history was at a standstill after the Visalia scrimmage last week. Ryan Colburn had an off day, but it was offset by the lackluster performances in the rain by Tom Brandstater and Sean Norton. Today's game will be the center of attention for these three. Bulldog fans from all over will be making the trek to Bulldog Stadium to be catching their first glimpse of this heated battle.

Dwayne Wright was able to showcase his talent and abilities last week in Visalia. However, the wet conditions didn't allow him to showcase his game breaking speed or his ability to get into the secondary. Fans are anxiously awaiting to see him break a long run and bring back memories of 2003 and the first two games of 2004.

The defensive backs will be under the microscope today. Fans will be watching them closely and holding their breath as the quarterbacks will try to pick them apart in a game like setting. Marcus McCauley will hold his own, but Elgin Simmons and Damon Jenkins are unproven upperclassman. The young safeties have been great all spring, but can Moses Harris and Marvin Haynes shine in today's scrimmage? Vince Mays is ready to lead the secondary after spending his first three years as a backup and special teams player. He has the hold at free safety, and fans are waiting to see him fly all over the field and make plays.

In all the storylines should make for a great Spring Game, and to top it off the weather is sunny and clear as I top this entry.

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