Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mathis, McIntyre and Pinegar Sign Free Agent Deals

The three top 'Dogs that didn't hear their name called at this weekend's draft, all signed free agent deals within one hour after the draft.

Mathis signed with Minnesota. The Vikings released former 4th round pick Onterrio Smith this past off-season, and they did not select a running back in the draft.

Pinegar signed with Jacksonville. There is no way in hell he will beat out Byron Leftwich, but it is a system he could flourish as a 2nd or 3rd quarterback.

"Big Mac" signed with Seattle. McIntyre has been projected as an undersized defensive lineman, but has a better chance at middle linebacker because of his lack of size and speed. Seattle, however, has one of the better MLB, Lofa Tatupu, in the NFL.

"Big Mac" will make the team, no doubt, and Mathis has a very good shot at making the 53 man roster in Minneapolis. Pinegar has a very good shot at the 3rd spot in Jacksonville, but all depends if the Jaguars do not sign any other quarterbacks this offseason.


Kelvin said...

Who let the dogs out ??? hehe
Great Blog !!!

Anonymous said...

Just saw that Sumlin signed with Diego and Jamison signed with KC too.

mdg said...

I just caught wind of that too. I thought San Diego was going to sign Jamison, though. Could Sumlin be the 2nd comming of Ronnie Harmon?

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty high compliment. He can certainly catch the ball out of the backfield. I think for now he will need to focus on making it on special teams, because with Tomlinson and Turner I don't see him ever making it on the field with the offense next year.

mdg said...

You're right, Sumlin's only shot is as the 3rd back and special teams player. But in a couple of years I think he might be able to live up to compliment I posed as a question.

Anonymous said...

I always preferred Sumlin to Mathis and thought he got a raw deal this past year, so I hope he lives up to your billing!