Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bulldogs Drafted Back to Back: Jennings a Falcon, Culver a Packer

Most experts believed Wendell Mathis would be the only other Bulldog drafted in the 7 round NFL draft, but Jennings, a 4th projection by one service, was drafted No. 184 overall in the 6th round by Atlanta. Mathis is still waiting for his name to be called, but not Tyrone Culver.

Culver was taken right after Jennings in the 6th round, No. 185 overall, by Green Bay. Culver was not expected to be selected. Besides Mathis, Paul Pinegar and Garrett McIntyre have the best shot to be selected before the day is over.

New England still have 3 picks in the 6th round and one in the 7th, will they take at least one Bulldog? If they do, Pinegar or McIntyre are the likely candidates. Miami still has not drafted a running back, a position it needs to address because of the Ricky Williams 2006 season suspension. Mathis has been rumored to be on the Dolphins' board, but they do not have a selection until the 7th round, picks 212, 226, and 233.

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