Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NFL Draft Board: Sacramento Area Bulldog Talent

Paul Pinegar and Adam Jennings both hail from the Sacramento area and are two of the area's NFL prospects. Both former Bulldogs are hoping to be drafted in this weekend's NFL draft. The Sacramento's Bee Joe Davidson is projecting Pinegar as a 5th round pick and Jennings to sign as an undrafted free agent. Davidson's evaluation of Pinegar makes me wonder if he ever saw Pinegar play.

Ideal size, poised, hails from a passing system; has nice touch and can make all the NFL throws. Concern is lack of speed, and he needs to shore up mechanics. Fifth round.

Pinegar, as I stated yesterday, is capable of making an NFL team and has good size and poise. But I do not think he has a nice touch on the ball, and he can not make all the NFL throws. He could not even make all the throws at Fresno State. I don't think his speed is a concern as a pocket passer, and he is not exactly a statue in the pocket.

Jennings, however, brings a lot to the table as a late round pick. He was an accomplished college kick returner, and a capable receiver. He fills two voids for an NFL team, one as 5th or 6th receiver and the other as a special teams player/kick returner. He had an impressive forty time at the NFL Combine, and speed is always an important asset.


Anonymous said...

Jennings has a better chance of being drafted the Pinegar.

Pinegar can make all the NFL throws, if that includes throws to the other team on 10-yard outs! How many times did we see that in his four years.

The sad thing about Pinegar is he does have the ideal size and I think he's a smart QB, except he tries to make throws he can't make, but should be able to make for his size. I think that pec injury ruined his career.

Anonymous said...

Pinegar is not a poised quarterback. He was put in a great system, that's why he succeeded. When he was under pressure, he consistently made poor decisions. He locks onto his first receiver and tries to force the ball. The USC game was microcosm of his entire career. He threw touchdowns to his first receiver when open, and threw interceptions when that first option was covered. He won a lot of football games for us, but I can't say I am really sad to see him go. But I do hope he signs on with someone. Go Dogs.

Anonymous said...

If anybody remembers the Virginia game, it would hard to say that Pinegar was not a poised QB. He was clutch that game. I think what Pinegar lacks is the arm strength to make throws that could've been clutch but instead look like bad decisions. The system was not great. It was boring. Case and point. Oregon game. 3 and goal from the 7 yard line and they run the ball. One of the worst play calls I've ever seen, especially considering how much faith Hill and Cignetti claimed to have in Pinegar.

Anonymous said...

I'm more excited to see Cignetti go than Pinegar.