Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Practice 9 Review

The rain held back and only sprinkles fell towards the end of the Bulldogs' ninth spring practice. Louis Leonard was back at practice after missing some of last week and the South Valley Scrimmage for undisclosed reasons. Dwayne Wright sat out of today's practice, but it didn't look to be injury related. If so, it was minor. Ryan McKinley continues to be sidelined as well. Seyi Ajirotutu was also at practice despite being helped off the field at last Saturday's scrimmage.

The quarterback battle is starting to dwindle down to a two man race. Ryan Colburn continues to look great at times, but his inexperience, and the fact that Sean Norton and Tom Brandstater have the edge, equals redshirt. Speaking of the quarterbacks, it was pointed out to me by fsufever, each one is capable of throwing the quick, dump-off screen. If Bulldog fans remember Paul Pinegar was unable to throw that "simple" pass. He either over threw or under threw his target, and was never able to catch his receiver in stride.

It is pass that really wasn't used too much in the offense with Pinegar, other than to Matt Rivera as a last option in passing situations. I hadn't really notice that the three quarterbacks were able to throw this pass because it is a pass that is often taken for granted. However, in Pat Hill's offense, timing is everything.

Chastin West caught one of these particular passes from Norton, in practice, and darted into the secondary with ease. West lined up at the wideout, came in motion and lined up in the backfield as an H-back. Norton took the snap and dumped off the ball to West in stride and the rest was history. If that ball was thrown ahead or behind West, the timing of the play would have been off and resulted in little or no gain.

West, and the rest of the young receivers did a fine job as a punt returners. Jason Crawley didn't have his best practice, and quite honestly the entire practice lacked the intensity of some of the others I have witnessed. Maybe it was the weather? West and Crawley have separated themselves from the rest of the young receivers, in my opinion. Ajirotutu and Marlin Moore need to keep up or face the reality of sitting on the bench as the 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th option at receiver.

Rich Owens got a lot of reps in practice in place of Wright. The rFr has a great running style, and awesome technique. He is a patient runner like Bryson Sumlin. He waits for his blocks to develop and once he hits a hole, it's like, "I had no idea he could run like that." Dorsey has yet to wow me. It is not because he has not looked good, he has, but I am expecting more from him. Dorsey brings a lot to the table as a running back, and I believe he could start in place of Wright, if needed.

From none to many, that is the new slogan for the fullbacks. Seven fullbacks dot the spring roster, but aside from Roshon Vercher, they are either young or inexperienced. Vercher got a lot of passes thrown his way. He has always had great hands, but is the increase of activity a sign of Steve Hagen's changing offense or the ability of the new quarterbacks to hit the backs in stride?

Bobby Lepori has a lock on the left tackle position, for now. Adam McDowell, John Guevara, and Richard Pacheco still have a shot, but Lepori is looking real good. What about 4 star JC recruit James Paulk? What about him? He is not in football shape, and is sucking wind trying to beat out the more physical lineman. Paulk could make his move in the fall, if he works at it.

Devin Packard is a star in the making if he just practiced a little harder, gained some weight and didn't look so timid. He is listed as 6-6 235, but needs to tack on at least another 30 lbs to be a true menace in the middle. Charles Tolbert and Ikenna Ike are both under 6-2 but have a motor that doesn't quit. Ike played at defensive end last year, but this year is listed as a defensive tackle. He could fill the role that Garrett McIntyre played in the nickel packages last year, as a "DE" playing "DT" in passing downs. Kenny Avon is continuing to improve each practice, and he is a player to watch at this Saturday's Spring Game.


Anonymous said...

Richard "oso" Pacheco is not playing tackle. OSO IS PLAYING RT guard and lft guard. Ryan Wendell has been moved
to lft guard and Pacheco is at Rt guard. Oso talks to Coach Hill and Coach Frazier on a daily basis and ther has never been any mention of Oso
moving to tackle. I also talk to Pacheco on a daily basis.

mdg said...

when Cole Popovich is back from his injury in August, he will resume his spot at Guard. Paulk was playing guard, too, but is listed as a tackle. If Lepori, Paulk or McDowell get injured or are not impressive, Pacheco will have every chance to play LT. Shack was RG before being moved to LT in 03 when Logan Mankins got hurt.

gofsudogs2006 said...

Mdg what do you think about doing a profile of one player daily or whenever you have the time to? I know there are many players on the Bulldogs that we as fans know very little about. Just a thought to maybe give you some information to use for the next couple of months since it really is the dead period of football when spring practice ends.

mdg said...

yeah that is something to look into, actually I will be doing some "inside" stuff for the Bark Board in the coming weeks

Any particular current player or players you would like to know more about?

gofsudogs2006 said...

Not so much any player in particular. I just think it would make the offseason go by much faster if we as fans could bring your blog up and see a profile of a new player daily. If that happened it would do two things: 1) let us know about the player a bit better, and 2)familiarize us with who Fresno State will have on the field this upcoming season. Everytime i am at a game it seems like someone is coming off of the bench that I have little to no idea about. Just an idea, take it for what it's worth really.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments about posting "new" player bios from time to time. This seems like a transition period for Fresno State. Everyone who had really anything to do with the "David Carr" era is gone. I feel the program is facing some uncertainty for the first time in a while. It would be nice to hear about some new faces, and not just what is on gobulldogs.com. It would especailly be worthwile for those of us who do not live in Fresno anymore and cannot feel any of the "buzz."

Anonymous said...

talked to "OSO" Pacheco today. HE STATED he would be moved to center in an emergency but his coaches have NEVER mentioned the tackle position to him.

mdg said...

thanks for the info on "Oso", he got into a real good hitting fest with Dwayne Andrews today at practice. I was just speculating on Pacheco's position. I highly doubt he would play center with Young, Kezerian, Harris and Bernardi already listed at center. Unless, as you stated it was an emergency.

The coaches also told McDowell he would be moved to DE and now McDowell is back at OT. Frazier is also new and changes could be made in the fall after spring ball is done.

Coaches change their mind if it is in the best interest of the team. I like Pacheco, he is a "bear", hence the nickname, he could play any position on the line.