Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Practice 3 Review

Practice was wet and muddy, but fun to watch. The third spring practice was moved to the White Lot due to the muddy field conditions on the practice field, which for those who are not aware, used to be a ponding basin. Practice was also flooded with coaches, high school and college, in town for the annual Fresno State coaches clinic.

I had posted the vid clips of spring practice for just fan viewing, but I have decided to remove them. I don't want to stir the pot. Practice reviews will continue in text format next week.


BdogPrideValleyWide said...

thats great stuff mdg. i noticed on one of those runs clif smith was ready to run onto the field it seemed lol. hes still #2 right? that was some good hitting going on there too and dorsey looked quick.

mdg said...

Smith looks eager, yeah is the one wearing #2. I was worried about the tailbacks heading into spring, but after watching Wright and Dorsey my fears have been lessoned.

bulldogsblue said...

This is so encouraging, I cannot imagine what will happen if we have Dorsey and Wright to choose from, and Miller as another threat. If C Smith is healthy, I(along with every other team) will lose my freakin'mind.