Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Practice 1 Review

Wright looks ready to pick up where he left off.

The first spring practice is in the books and the Bulldogs look ready to avenge last year's 4 game season ending losing streak. I didn't catch all of the practice, but here are a few notes to mention.

All three quarterbacks looked good, #15 Fr. Ryan Colburn, #3 So. Sean Norton, and #7 So. Tom Brandstater. Norton showed great elusiveness in the pocket, and excellent arm strength in short-medium range throws. Colburn has excellent technique, reminded me of former Cal QB Aaron Rodgers.

Dwayne Wright is running at full speed, but has added about 10-15 lbs. By August he should be back into football shape, and be ready to be one of the best tailbacks in the country. Shannon Dorsey looks healthy and should get a boatload of work in the spring with Clifton Smith and Kreig Peters both sitting out of spring ball. Speaking of Smith, he looks bigger and very eager to get on the field of play. Walk on Rich Owens lined up in the backfield, as well.

#72 So. Bobby Lepori took a lot of snaps at left tackle, and could take hold of that position vacated by Dartangon Shack and Logan Mankins previously. Paul Williams and Jaron Fairman looked great. The entire receiving corps should be great this season. I couldn't make out the WR wearing #13? Help anyone, or am mistaken, and thinking of #18 Fairman. The tight ends got in some work, as did the fullbacks particularly a healthy Roshon Vercher, but is still too early to recognize any of OC Steve Hagen's input on schemes.

#3 SS/DB Fr. Moses Harris showed signs of greatness with his quick, aggressive play, but still has a way to go when it comes to over committing to plays close to the line of scrimmage. Vince Mays is ready to assume the FS spot and looked extremely pumped. The defensive line looks menacing. This unit could be the best in school history.

The team has today off, and will resume practice Wednesday afternoon at the practice field.

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gofsudogs2006 said...

I keep hearing about how Norton is this elusive qb and I was wondering with the advent of the "quick" qb do you think he would be the most beneficial to the program? I cannot remember FSU ever having a qb who could elude a pass rush and I would think it would be killer to a defensive line to continually get to the qb only to see him take off for 5-10 yards every time. I guess maybe I am a bit hopeful on this one but for me a guy who can throw the medium routes well and can run will always be my first choice. Sure we all love the deep ball but college qb's tend to throw the ball 10-15 yards far more than any other distance in (unless you are Florida State and you just heave the ball up down after down). Anyhow it shoud be a good competition and I just hope the job truly goes to whoever is best suited for Fresno State.