Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NFL Combine Results: Marshall a First Rounder?

Many Bulldog fans, including myself, were doubting Junior cornerback Richard Marshall for leaving school early to enter the NFL draft. But Marshall may be having the last laugh. He is steadily moving up the draft boards, and there is speculation that the New England Patriots may select Marshall in the first round. just released it latest mock draft and have NE picking Marshall No. 21 overall.

Marshall was thought to be a late first day pick or early second day pick, 3rd-4th rounder, when he declared for the draft back in January. That made many make comparisons to former Bulldog James Sanders, who left for the NFL after his junior year, too. Sanders was selected in the 4th round by NE, but would have been a sure first day pick if he had stayed for his senior year. Marshall's decision to leave early has paid off, has Marshall rated as the 49th best prospect in the draft. That would equal a mid-second pick.

He had a very impressive performance at the NFL Combine. He stated to the media that he would become a sure first rounder after he ran the forty, and he didn't disappoint, running a 4.42. NE is in dire need of a cover corner and Marshall fits the bill, but NE may trade down or draft a linebacker, like Ohio State's Bobby Carpenter. However, it doesn't mean another NFL will not draft Marshall in the first round.

Bulldogs at the NFL Combine

Paul Pinegar ht. 6047 wt. n/a 40-5.21

Wendell Mathis ht. 5113 wt. 210 40-4.51

Adam Jennings ht. 5091 wt. 181 40-4.42

Richard Marshall ht. 5111 wt. 189 40-4.42

Mathis, Jennings, and Marshall all ran impressive 40 times, and only helped their draft status with their performance at the Combine.


gofsudogs2006 said...

I think it is great that Marshall is being projected so high in the NFL draft. It also makes me wonder where McCauley will end up if he has a strong senior year. He seemed to be the better cover man and hits much harder than Marshall ever did. Hopefully everyone remembers the hit McCauley put on the Tulsa receiver late in that game to cause a fumble. I think he takes it personally when someone tries to come across the field into his area of play which is exactly the mentality you want in a corner. I realize Marshall has the better athletic ability but i believe that has made McCauley stronger because he does not gamble nearly as much as Marshall did in his career. Either way we had two great corners and I just hope someone else can step up this season and take the other corner job.

mdg said...

Keep an eye on Freshman Lawrence Hood. I jope Damon Jenkins finally lives up to the hype he had when he was a standout at De La Salle, but Hood just might steal his thunder. As long as McCauley is covering the opposing team's best WR, FS should be ok. I am just worried about the safety positions. Mays and Sherley are not exactly Culver and Sanders.

bdogpridevalleywide said...

sherley kind of reminds me of mcgill because of his intent when he hits but at the same time, also his lack of speed and cover ability. who else to we have back there to challenge mays and sherley anyways? i'd like to see jenkins live up to it all as well but im sure we've got enough talent to play the right guy at corner. Also, what about cornell banks? does he look to contend for time on the D-line? if so, where?

mdg said...

Moses Harris is the next great Bulldog SS. He reminds me a lot of James Sanders, and I will not be surprised if he beats Sherley out for the starting spot. But at the same time, he is just a rFR. Nevada and Oregon are not the easiest teams to start out your college career against.

At FS it is all up to Mays to live up to the hype. There is no one back there to compete against him, unless Sherley moves back to FS if he loses out to Harris. Marvin Haynes could compete as rFR, but IMO he is not ready to take over.

As far as cornerback it is up to Jenkins. Simmons is very experienced but is lacking physically. Hood is just a true Fr, but could beat out Jenkins or Simmons. I am interested in WR Jason Crawley. He is 6-2 180 and played QB/DB his senior year in HS, but was recruited as a WR. With so much depth at WR and so little at CB, I would not be surprised to see him get some reps at CB. With his height and leaping ability, he could become a great corner. I always thought converted RB Therrian Fontenot never got a fair shot at CB, while coverted QB Nate Ray was always in the rotation at S in passing situations. But Marshall and McCauley had a little part in why Fontenot was on the bench, despite his sprinter speed and big hit capability.