Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Marshall

Richard Marshall is quickly moving up on many NFL team's draft boards. According to ratings by, as many as 19 defensive backs could be selected in the first two rounds. USA Today lists its top 14 defensive backs, 8 cornerbacks and 6 safeties. Marshall is listed as the 7th best CB available for the draft. Texas' Michael Huff, Clemson's Tye Hill and Virginia Tech's Jimmy Williams are considered the top three DBs by most draft gurus. After those three, Marshall has a good of chance as any to be the next DB selected in the NFL Draft.

Marshall's pros have been his speed, man-to-man coverage, and he has the ability to return kicks. His cons, he was just a 2nd team all-WAC selection the last two years and showed signs of inconsistent play at times. I am surprised his 5'11 height has not been a bigger knock against him, especially since Miami's 5'11 Kelly Jennings is often knocked for his height. Marshall will be picked no later than the the second round, probably the late first, not bad for guy many said should have stayed for his senior year.

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