Thursday, March 16, 2006

Fresno State NFL Draft Board

This year's group of Bulldog NFL prospects have a good shot to match Pat Hill's record of 4 players drafted in 2002. David Carr, Alan Harper, Maurice Rodriguez and Rodney Wright was the best crop of pro prospects in the Hill era until this year. Fresno State's all-time record of 5 players drafted, 1987 and 1990, could be in jeopardy. However, both of those respective drafts had 12 rounds, unlike the 7 rounds of today.

We all know about Richard Marshall, but WR Adam Jennings stock is rising, too. Jennings, despite not having a stellar senior season in terms of receptions is projected as 4th round pick by RB Wendell Mathis is projected as a 5th round pick, and QB Paul Pinegar is projected as a 7th round pick, although his stock is dropping, by, also.

DE/LB Garrett McIntyre and WR Jermaine Jamison are lurking under the radar. McIntyre is projected as a late first day pick by many NFL scouts as a linebacker. Jamison is benefiting from a good pro day. With his size and impressive speed, a team may take a shot on him with a late second day pick. Other Bulldogs with a shot at the NFL, either as a surprise late round pick or more than likely a free agent are as follows: S Tyrone Culver, DB Awan Diles, LB/DB Manuel Sanchez, G Dartangon Shack, RB Bryson Sumlin, and CB Ray Washington.

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