Wednesday, March 15, 2006

2007 Recruiting Board

Pat Hill has offered Bakersfield HS teammates OL Justin Cheadle and Athlete Phillip Thomas, but will they both commit to Fresno State?

“I was real excited when Pat Hill offered,” Cheadle said.

“He’s a real nice guy and I look forward to talking more with him, and visiting there. Fresno State is a good school to play for."

Cheadle also holds an offer from Arizona, but Thomas only holds the one from Hill. However, both still favor particular Pac 10 schools inside the state. To get the inside on their favorites read the Bark Board with TAP.


Anonymous said...

I saw this kid Cheadle play in the valley championship last year. He is an animal with a lot of fire for an OL. I like his competitivness. He is certainly someone who wants to win.

bdogpridvalleywide said...

like us, good fit then. hope he decides to stay home and make our team that much better. my stance has always been; If you're leaving based on education or to just get away (everone's got a reason) then good luck, but if you're leaving just to play ball're leaving for the wrong reason IMO.

mdg said...

His stock is rising quickly, and I am afraid FS will lose out on this quality recruit if he gets multiple offers from BCS schools.

If Hill was able to sign him and Thomas, that would be huge. Considering teammate AJ Jefferson is a Bulldog signee this year from Bakersfield might help sway these two away from the Pac 10.

Anonymous said...

That would be nice if that theory was a reality, but the reality is, as long as Hill and his staff allow the dogs to suffer their annual meltdown, whether it's mid-season or end of season, that kind of play won't be attractive to the top flight recruit. It's simple, NO MELTDOWN = BETTER RECRUITING!!

mdg said...

If you are from the Valley and want to play at the next level, Pat Hill and Fresno State can take you there.

FS could have 5 players drafted, and Marshall is looking like a sure-fire ist round pick. Mathis, Pinegar, and McIntyre could be late second day picks. Jamison had a good pro day, with his size and speed, an NFL team could take a chance on him(can you say Oakland) in the later rounds.

Next year's group of seniors could be best yet. Young, McCauley and Williams are first day picks. Denham with some added weight will be a late first day early second day pick. Fernandez and Fairman will get some looks as possible second picks. If Leonard has a good senior season, you can throw his name into the mix as well. That is not even counting Wright, who will probably leave after 06 for the NFL.