Monday, March 13, 2006

McIntyre's Take on Pro Day

Garrett McIntyre gave details about the Bulldog pro day on FSR 1340 with Kelly Carr. He stated that the day started at around 8 am with some questionaires inside the Duncan Building followed by height and weight measurements and the 225 lb bench press reps. McIntyre was disappointed that he and the players had to run on the "slushy" field, instead of the indoor soccer field next to the University. The players were practicing indoors and were expecting to run indoors in front of the scouts. He was told the "times" will be adjusted because of the field conditions. Many schools' athletes run on turf or even track surfaces which really enhance one's 40 time.

All the seniors, about 12 players McIntyre said, displayed their talents in front of NFL scouts from just about every team. He said he is projected as a 5th to 7th round pick, but all he wants is just a chance to make an NFL team. He said compared to other prospects, he has game film to back him up.

He was also asked, by Carr, about his younger brother, Justin, and said he was no longer on the team roster.

"He just wasn't feeling it anymore," McIntyre said.

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Anonymous said...

How did the rest of the senior dogs do at the workout? Do you think any of them are going to get drafted besides Pinegar, Marshall and Mathis?