Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Could Have Been

The Utah State game will haunt Pat Hill forever. 5-7 is better than the 1-11 most fans were thinking less than a month ago, but most thought the Utah State would be one of many "bad" losses this season. But it is turning out not to be the case, and the Aggies lone win of 2006 will likely be the culprit for breaking the Bulldogs West Coast leading seven game bowl streak.

Colorado State nose-dived after beating the 'Dogs. The Rams were 4-1 after beating Fresno State then UNLV the following week but lost their last seven. It looks like a bad loss, but nothing as bad as losing to 1-11 Utah State. The Aggies were never close to winning any game except Fresno State, and that game should have never been close. Coach Hill can speak all he wants about how this team will finish strong, but with losses to Colorado State and Utah State, not even a blow-out over San Jose State will shake the bad-taste from this season.

Especially when you consider the bowl possibilities the Bulldogs could have enjoyed this season with an average 6-6 record. The MPC Computers Bowl gets the "first" selection among WAC bowls, after Hawaii gets its "auto" bid to the Hawaii Bowl. Fresno State would be the likely favorite over 8-4 Nevada and San Jose State. The opponent in Boise is more than likely going to be 6-6 Miami. 6-6 Florida State is headed to the Emerald (not official until Sunday) and that leaves Miami as the 8th selection from the ACC.

Even if the MPC Bowl selected Nevada, the WAC could have marketed the Bulldogs as at-large team to face TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego. 7-5 Northern Illinois is the bowl's choice to face the Frogs. The Bulldogs would have sold more tickets and traveled better than Husky fans. The Poinsettia wanted to select Fresno State last season but knew it had no shot after the Liberty Bowl showed interest post Boise State and USC games. But a loss to pesky Utah State is the reason Fresno State will be playing for pride and not a bowl game in San Jose on Saturday. Oh, what could have been....


Anonymous said...

I am from Fresno, but have lived in logan Utah for 6 years. However, I have been a bulldog fan sense I was a little kid. My father taught at Fresno, and we went to all the games every year for probably 15 straght years. I was at the Utah State game with my Father (visiting from Fresno)and I still feel sick when I think about how bad they played. They looked like they where playing at half speed. I have pride in the bulldogs, two years ago they were number 18, and in 2001 they were ranked 11. This year they started at 28, and dropped down at one point to 114. Yes, I think the QB needs to step up and lead, and stop just being one of the guys. As far as the season has gone, I am releaved the dogs have pulled something together at the end (something to build on for next year). As far as the 7 losses go, I feel there was a problem with the emotional make up the team. They weren't coming together out there and excuting the way they should. I hope they can make it back in the top 15 during the next few years. Most of all, I hope they never forget the Utah State lost, and make sure to kick the living crap out of them next season.

Anonymous said...

A poorly coached undiscplined team. A very embarassing year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree with both comments: the team has played in an undisciplined, dispassionate, and dispirited manner this year.

After a decent start, it took them to the cakewalk portion of their season to look like a team; even there, they have not resembled the 'Dogs we expect, love, and respect.

PAt Hill seems to have lost something following the unbelievable slide at the end of last year, and the resulting disinterest of the NFL teams he coveted. Before, he would at least have the squad playing with passion, even if they didn't always play smart. They had a fire about them; now, their "wood just seems wet."

Hopefully this woeful year will cause the coaches to make needed changes, the players to reexamine themselves, and we will see some passion next year.

No more losses to 1-11 teams! Go 'Dogs!!

Steve Burnes

ps-I live in Monterey Co. so the SJSU game is in my neck of the woods. I hope to see lots of FSU fans at the game--COME ON RED WAVE!

Anonymous said...

Utah State got lucky. They should not have won that game. If the dogs had just made one of their two missed feild goals, it would have been a totally different outcome. Just so you all know, the feeling amoung the people in Logan is the same. They still say thankyou for letting us win:) Anyways, I think the dogs just thought it was going to be an easy game and didn't take it seriously. Like I said in the first comment, they looked like they were practicing or going half speed.

Yes, we could have a better quarter back, but I think that our specials teams have lost some of our games this year. Both Oregon and Washington, we could have won if the special teams had played better.
Aaron W.

Anonymous said...

True, Aaron...it isn't all on the QB. He is not the caliber we hoped he would be, but every aspect of our team has been dispassionate this year. They are all woefully lacking in Bulldog Pride.

Maybe next year will be better, if Pat Hill doesn't again wreck his team's spirit by seeking to leave the very ones he recruited.

Steve Burnes

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