Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fresno State's MVP: Dwayne Wright

2006 will mark the end of an era for many Bulldogs at Fresno State (18 I believe). None will be missed more so than Dwayne Wright, the do everything running back that carried this team throughout his career. Wright's path to greatness at Fresno State did not take place without a few speedbumps, but the end result is one that we have become used to with running backs in this program. Wright will end his career while rushing for over a thousand yards in two different seasons and making a name for himself at Fresno State. In order to really respect what Wright has done for Fresno State we as fans should take a look back at Wright's career with the Bulldogs and what he has gone through to get to the point he currently sits at today.

Dwayne Wright broke onto the scene in 2003 when he took the place of Rodney Davis who seemed to be faultering at the running back position. Wright did not disappoint as he rushed for over a thousand yards in his first year with the Dogs. Fresno State looked to have it's running back for the next three years in place as Wright would give the Dogs the power runner they had always desired. 2004 would begin much like 2003 ended with Wright gaining over 100 yards against Washington in what was deemed an upset win at the time on the road. The following week Wright's college career would take a turn for the worst. On a breakout fifty yard run at Kansas State Wright would blow his knee out when he was tackled from behind. Due to the severity of the injury Wright would miss almost two full seasons at Fresno State. Many players would have taken this injury and let it affect their mental state. Dwayne Wright was not going to allow that to happen. Over the two years he would be away from football Wright would rehab consistantly allowing himself to become even bigger and stronger than he had been before the injury. In 2006 things would be a bit different for what was now a monstrous Dwayne Wright.

The 2006 season opened with a home game against Nevada. Many Bulldogs fan did not know what to expect after losing both Sumlin and Mathis to graduation. The Bulldogs would lose nearly 2000 yards of offense wth Sumlin and Mathis departing, but Wright was going to make sure it would not matter. In the season opener Wright would rush for 158 yards and three touchdowns. The following week Wright showed that 2006's season opener was no fluke as he ran wild for 154 yards and a touchdown against Oregon. Wright would be embarking on the single best season of his college career. Currently Wright has 1061 yards rushing and 9 td's while averaging 5 yards per carry. The Bulldogs still have two more games remaining against subpar defensive teams in La. Tech and San Jose State. Wright may end the season with 1400 yards rushing, making him one of the elite running backs in Fresno State history. Wright deserves all of the accolades he will receive from a season like this because his hard work and determination have led him to his success at Fresno State.

We will miss Dwayne Wright. He is the Bulldogs MVP this season without a second thought. When everything else failed Wright never stopped working. He is the one man that the Bulldogs could count on to do exactly what they hoped for game in and game out. If the passing game faultered Dwayne Wright would be there to run the ball, block for the QB, or catch a screen pass and turn it into a big gain. 2006 is Dwayne Wright, and we as Bulldog fans will never forget the running back he is and will always be in Bulldogs history. Thank you Dwayne for all you have done. You are the true definition of a Fresno State Bulldog and we all wish you the very best in the NFL.


Anonymous said...

No doubt--at all: D. Wright is the MVP!

Poor coaching this year, poor offense, poor defense, poor special teams, poor field generaling, but GREAT running from Mr. Wright.

Thanks for the memories, and good luck in the draft and NFL, Dwayne.

Steve Burnes

nsc said...

It is good to see Dwayne have the kind of year he has, especially with all of the adversity he had to endure with his injury. To be out of the sport you love for two years is tough regardless of what you play and Dwayne did not let it get to him coming back even stronger than the years before his injury. We are lucky to have such a strong running back in Wright and can only hope the two Freshman are as strong as Wright is for us.

Anonymous said...

D. Wright is definitely the man! Talk about carrying a team on a down year. Dwayne is the only reason we have won games this year. If he can get a shot on an NFL team with a decent passing game, I think he'll be effective. What he lacks in pure speed he makes up with sheer strength and determination. Good luck DW!


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