Monday, November 27, 2006

A Positive Ending?

Fresno State's season has been a winding road that has led us to this point:

1) Three wins in a row

2) A running back who has single handedly carried us through the past three games inscluding 295 yards rushing Friday night.

3) A QB that may have found some confidence this past week with three td passes.

4) A 4-7 record with one game remaining.

The last statement shows that 2006 has been a disappointment to say the very least. Fresno State has become synanomous with winning over the past five years in college football. Whether it be ESPN, CBS, or ABC they all wonder what happened to the team that normally challenges for a BCS slot through the first half of the season each year. 2006 did not begin this way but the Bulldogs seem to have found some life towards the end of the season. The seniors did not want to go out on a losing note and the team as a whole has done everything in it's power to make sure that does not happen. San Jose State is the only obstacle that stands in the way of Fresno State winning it's final four games. Coincidentally the Utah State game is the only reason Fresno State will not be playing in a bowl game this season. If the Bulldogs had beaten Utah State and finished the season with a win over San Jose State they would have most certainly have been chosen for either the MPC or New Mexico bowl. Instead those births will go to Nevada and San Jose State (or so it seems). With Boise State playing in a BCS bowl this season the WAC should have four bowl teams total. Maybe a non-bowl season will give the Bulldogs time to reflect on what has gone wrong this season and lead them to correct their problems before 2007 begins.

I will be the first to admit that I have never been a fan of Tom Brandstater. However, I have to say that he made some very good throws this past Saturday against La. Tech. Yes, I realize how bad La. Tech's pass defense is, but shouldn't Brandstater find some type of rhythym against a bad team? Would you rather he just played horrible against everyone and never put a good game together? Maybe this is exactly the type of game he needs to get some confidence again. He looked like he would be a very good QB when the season started and if he can put up some good numbers against San Jose State maybe he will gain some much needed confidence going into the 2007 season. Brandstater is going to be our starter barring injury and I hope that Bulldog fans will just realize that. I know he may not be our choice but we do not coach the Bulldogs and should support the players that are on the field. I may not like every player on the field but they are out there giving 100% for the University of Fresno State and that is something I try to remember every time I watch a game.

With that being said the season is coming to a close. I hope that everyone will tune into channel 5 at 1pm on Saturday. The Bulldog-Spartans game should be a much better one than we are used to between these two teams. This is the first year in a long while that the Spartans have a chance to knock off the Bulldogs. If the Spartans win they will finish the season 8-4, yes the Spartans will have eight wins. If the Dogs can win they will extend their winning streak for another season. Many of us cannot remember the last time the Dogs lost to the Spartans and don't want to see them do so this season. I have a feeling we are going to see the Dogs best effort of the season this Saturday. At the same time if the Dogs don't come to play Saturday San Jose will break their winless streak and go to a bowl game riding a high they have not felt in over a decade.

Note - What the hell happened to Nevada against Boise State? I have never seen a team fall apart so badly in a big game. Boise State dominated every aspect of the game and will continue to own this series as long as Nevada falls apart in big games. Regardless of how bad Fresno State has played this season, not one time did they look nearly as bad as Nevada did Saturday. At the same time keep an eye on Colt Brennan. He needs three td's to tie the record for a season. With Oregon State coming to the island he will have a chance to break the record of 54 td's in a season.


Anonymous said...

Hooray!! The mighty Bulldogs are rated 104th in the nation, even with 16 returning starters and even wtih these so called NFL prospects. All the credit goes to Hill, DC Brown and that overrated #17.

Anonymous said...

Arizona St., NC St. Alabama, U of Miami. All of the head football coaches fired for their teams terrible performances, lack of preperation and poor coaching. How does Hill's record compare to these programs the past couple of years and these programs had some stiff competion. No Utah States their schedules.

nsc said...

True, if I were in charge I might take a long hard look at the team and what Hill has done with them. I know this city is loyal to Hill so nothing will ever come of it, but maybe it should be looked into a bit more. I will say that if we have another season like this one next year, Hill won't be around for 2008.

Anonymous said...

I like to think TB was injured in the Oregon game and never told anyone. He looked good against Nevada, then got rocked. Perhaps his ribs have healed up.

Anonymous said...

If TB is at his best now, we are in trouble next year for sure. The ESPN crew mentioned at least twice how he lofted "floaters" that, if thrown with authority, could have been touchdowns. They even showed them on replay.

I'm sure Tommy is a nice guy, and I wish him the best.

Steve Burnes

evolution2.0 said...

Steve Burnes, I agree with you on that. Tommy is not a great QB, I know he is learning and all that, but he certianly hasn't kept up with his peers.

Mckoy at Texas, Booty at USC, those two were of similar expirence levels coming in and they have progressed at a reasonable pace. Tommy has just not, simple as that. I agree if he can't get substantially better over the offseason, we need someone else or we might see a repeat of this year.

Oh and yeah the name makes sense huh? Pat evolved us once, now he needs to do it again, hence the 2.0


evolution2.0 said...

ncs, Man that is a great point. Each year you need to take an inventory of what went right and what went wrong. It is pretty obvious that when our defense started playing better, we started winning games. I am still not convinced that the offense has improved much, just had more opportunities. Maybe you could make a point the the O-Line play has improved.

I would be asking some serious questions about what kind of changes we can make on D to prevent the bad play of this year. I think a fresh outlook on things would help, but at the very least Brown need to get a bit more creative and try disguising coverages.

We need a good QB regardless, the O hasn't changed all that much from last year except missing Pinegar. If you could get a kid like him, who didn't toss some many INT's and completed a pass on third down consistantly, we would have nothing to complain about.


Anonymous said...

EVO 2--NOW I get it--thanks!

Steve Burnes