Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fresno State-Idaho Preview

Today is the final home game for many seniors on the Fresno State football team. That in itself should be enough to get many Bulldog fans out to the stadium to watch the Dogs take on the Vandals. I would cover the strategies of each team but I feel like it is going to be very similar to all other games played up to this point in the season. Idaho is going to throw the ball early and often with their jaded "Fresno State should have taken me" QB Steve Wichman. Fresno State is going to try and run the ball repeatedly with Dwayne Wright to wear down the Vandals defense. I have not read any comment from Pat Hill about simplifying the offense for this game so I suspect there is a chance they might let Brandstater try and throw the ball deep once or twice throughout the game. This should be a close fought affair between to teams that really are far more equal than they have been in years past. I do not want to say that I daho is as talented as the Dogs because they aren't. The Dogs just haven't put one truly complete performance together this season and this would be as good a time as any to do so.

I realize the goal here is to win this game today against Idaho but I feel like the seniors playing in their last home game is what we should focus on. I feel like people should want to head out to Bulldogs stadium today so they can see some of these hard working Bulldogs football players giving their all for the fans, the city, and the school. Men Like McCauley, Mays, Shirley, Fernandez, and Andrews have all palyed their hearts out for this university and it would be great to see a large amount of Bulldog fans out to see this final home game. Not only is this going to be a good game, the players are going to leave it all on the field because they know that many of them will never step onto Bulldog field in front of fans again.

I want to apologize to everyone who reads the blog for the below par articles I have written lately. I have not focused on many of the bright spots with this team and what the future could possibly hold. Instead I let a hatred towards the way our coach runs the team get in the way of realizing how much these players give day in and day out. I cannot remember the last time I thought the Bulldogs were not doing their best to win on the field. This year we may not have the pieces in place to win every game we play but they are out there doing everything they can to get the job done. Hawaii, Boise, and LSU were just better teams than we were this season but that does not mean it will be that way for years to come. Next season could be far different with a couple of breaks here and there. If Brandstater can work on throwing the ball over the middle and develop better field vision he may be able to improve to the point that our passing game can become effective once again. Maybe next season our health won't bite us in the ass like it seems to have over and over again this year. Maybe a blocked field goal will not turn into a nightmare. We have had the single worst luck this season and things just have not gone our way. This team is tough and will not let this effect them for the remainder of the season.

I want to thank all seniors for everything they have done for the Bulldogs and this program. I know Kyle Young will not be playing but he has done one hell of a job for the Bulldogs throughout his time here. I would list every senior here but they all know they have given their best and I don't need to write their names down for them to feel good about what they have done for the Dogs. I hope everyone can join me and the rest of Bulldog nation out at Bulldog stadium today. I know Ohio State plays Michigan but does that really matter in the scheme of things? I mean come on people it isn't even the championship game and you can still catch Cal and USC when the Dogs game is over. Get out to the game and watch these guys, it's still one of the more entertaining things to do on a Saturday afternoon in Fresno and I for one will never miss a Bulldog game for as long as they play football at Bulldog stadium.

Fresno State 27
Idaho 20

Note - I hope that Pat Hill's son Zac recovers from his injury he suffered last night against Sanger high school in a timely fashion. Zac is a very sound football player with a bright future and I just wanted to let the Hill family know that all Bulldog fans wish the best for Zac in his route to a quick recovery.

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