Monday, November 20, 2006

Special Blog: Who Should Play in the National Championship?

With respect to the national championship picture we know one thing: Ohio State is in. After that the BCS has once again given us a gigantic mess. Because USC, Arkansas, Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, West Virginia, Rutgers, and Louisville all have one loss there is no telling who is going to end up in the championship game this season. As of right now Michigan sits in the number 2 slot but if USC beats Notre Dame Saturday and then defeats UCLA the week after they will represent the West Coast in the national championship. Where the picture gets muddy is if Notre Dame or UCLA can knock off the Trojans. If this happens then the BCS will turn into a mess with few answers once again. There are many possibilities to this year's BCS mess and here are just a few options that could play out if the Trojans go down to Notre Dame:

1) If USC cannot get by Notre Dame it is possible we will see a rematch of Michigan and Ohio State, in fact that is the most likely scenario only because Notre Dame lost to Michigan earlier in the season. However, if USC beats Notre Dame and loses to UCLA this will further confuse the BCS.

2) If USC loses to UCLA but beats Notre Dame then you can rule out USC and Notre Dame. Michigan, Florida, and Arkansas will now have the inside track to the title game. However, both Arkansas and Florida will be playing for the SEC championship in two weeks. If Arkansas were to beat higly ranked LSU and then follow it with a decisive win over Florida would they deserve a title shot more so than anyone else? They afterall will have won 12 in a row with their only loss coming to highly ranked USC. If Florida wins the SEC championship do they deserve a shot to get into the championship by only losing to middle of the road Auburn? Or does Michigan deserve another shot at the Buckeyes?

I believe the best game possible is USC-Ohio State. We would get a West Coast team in the championship against a MidWest (maybe East Coast, I don't know what you consider Ohio State) team. You would see two contrasting styles of football and a great game would likely take place. We have already seen Ohio State-Michigan, we do not need to see it again. As readers what do you think should happen with the BCS? leave commonets with your answers and we will see what the city of Fresno would like more. On a side note kelley Carr made the argument Boise should be in the title game today by merit of their undefeated season. While this idea warrants merit due to the premise of it, I do not agree. Boise will not only get man-handled by Ohio State they will embarrass all WAC and mid-major teams in doing so. I know they are undefeated but they may lose to Nevada and this will all go for naught. The only team that definitely does not deserve a shot is Boise. Schedule better teams and I will go for it but until then you should be left out in the cold.


Martijn said...

Do the best team win, or do the top players decide?

Greets Martijn
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Anonymous said...

After what I saw Saturday, it should be Ohio State vs. Michigan. Thsoe are the two best teams in the nation.

Steve Burnes

nsc said...

Hmm I disagree, I think USC would give Ohio State a great game. Any team that gives up nearly 600 yards of offense isn't one of the two best in my opinion. However, I can see where you are coming from Steve.

Anonymous said...

Yes, USC vs. Ohio State would be great if the Trojans win out. But consider the game Saturday: Michigan almost withstood the Buckeye's onslaught--and might have won if not for the--dare I say, Fresno State-like--late hit penalty.

I would like to see SC against Ohio St., but whoever plays them better be ready to put up a lot of points, because that is one creative, productive, and exciting offense the Buckeye's bring!

Steve Burnes