Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Embarrassment of a win

I wish I could begin this blog by being positive about the Bulldogs win over NMSU yesterday, but there is just nothing to be that happy about. Dwayne Wright played like a man amongst boys once again and the Bulldogs did come out of the game breaking their seven game losing streak, but what else was there to be happy about? Tom Brandstater (our so called hardened QB) was absolutely awful and yet was left in for the entire game. Last week Norton played far better against Boise State but was pulled at half time. I have long been a Fresno State football supporter but I am almost to the point where I don't want to watch anymore as long as Pat Hill and his blatant favoritism are in place at the university. It has become quite ridiculous with respect to him playing a QB who cannot make the plays time after time and probably never will amount to anything more than an average QB.

New Mexico State turned the ball over four times yesterday all of which were fumbles (one occured on the last play of the first half so let's forget about that one). However, with three turnovers to work with the Bulldogs still could not put this game away and anyone who was at the game was able to see why. The Bulldogs defense came to play. While they gave up 367 yards passing they blocked two extra points and stopped a two point conversion. It seemed that the defense finally didn't break when they were pushed to the edge. There were even a couple of sacks and knockdowns of passes during this game. What cannot be overlooked unfortunately is Pat Hill's absolutely dreadful excuse for an offense. He continues to believe in a system and a QB that will never get the job done. The wors part of all of this is we will be back next year with the same pathetic offense and coaching scheme. Pat Hill does not mix things up, he is straight to the point and the entire city of Fresno knows what play is going to happen far before it does. It is not as if we have bad receivers, Bear Pascoe and Chastin West have emerged as receivers with great hands who will make plays in the clutch. Joe Fernandez made a very good catch for a touchdown last night in the corner of the end zone, but these men never get the ball thrown to them. Brandstater just cannot do the job that is required of him.

The season has three games left. I don't feel as if the Dogs are good enough to win any of these three games with Brandstater at QB. I wish he would be the man but he just isn't. I do not care if the third string QB is in or not, if he can get the job done let him play. This team has worked hard all season for Pat Hill and to see him throw away games like this because of favoritism to a guy who cannot do the job is sickening. In the end Fresno State will always be there, but Pat Hill's coaching job this season may change the path of his future at State forever. Boeh is not one who looks to put up with someone who does not perform up to par and Hill may be here next season, but mark my word: Two seasons in a row at Fresno State like this one will never be tolerated. I hope Pat Hill isn't too stubborn to find this out.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the game on the radio, but it was evident from even the "homers" on KMJ that the game was sad.

Barsotti could only "hope" that the 'Dogs could find some positives to encourage them for the remainder of the season; having missed the last quarter of play and returning just in time for such comments, I thought the Bulldog's had lost!

Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

Yeah I listened on radio too. I heard a few times TB threw into coverage and nearly had balls intercepted. When will he learn?

I expected Norton to come into the game in the 2nd half based on TBs sub par performance. I was surprised that he didn't get to play based on PH's prior statements about playing both if the performance isn't good. PH is a liar.

Even though Norton hasn't totally out played TB, it seems that giving them both playing time to prove themself is a better option that sticking w/ TB to "harden" him. Give me a break PH. We were very lucky to win this game. I thought for sure NMSU was going to pull off the win on that last drive but we were lucky.

PH is a moron.