Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fresno State is Easy to Hate!

Just like BYU was always the hated team in the old Western Athletic Conference, the Bulldogs are fast becoming the program its peers love to hate in the new much weaker WAC.

San Jose State and Hawaii have no love lost for Fresno State, and Boise State fans may praise the Bulldogs publicly and on message boards, but how can a true Donkey fan root for their biggest rival? The WAC should have a "one for all, all for one" motto in order to compete with the MWC. However, there has to be at least one team everyone wants to beat and humiliate, and that team just happens to be Fresno State.

That is why I am expecting New Mexico State to come in Saturday and try to lay the lumber to Fresno State. It's no secret Aggie Head Coach Hal Mumme shows little class and if given the chance he will do his best to run up the score to embarrass Pat Hill and his program. Dan Hawkins did it quite well in Boise State's 67-21 win in 2002. June Jones could have laid a 100 spot the 'Dogs this season, but felt 68 was enough embarrassment already.

With the Bulldogs season spiraling out of control, at least three of the remaining team's will be out to whip Fresno State. Mumme's Aggies, because he has no class. Idaho's Dennis Erickson has never won in Fresno and remember his 2001 Beavers were pasted by Hill's Bulldogs. And the one school that hates Fresno more than Hawaii, San Jose State. The Spartans will make up for 15 years of frustration December 2.

Hill guarantees four wins in the last four games, but in my opinion these last four will be some tough games to win. How much motivation do the Bulldogs have left? They will play four teams they are expected to beat, and three will have a personal vendetta to beat Fresno State. The fourth, Louisiana Tech, has beaten the Bulldogs the last two years. The Bulldogs must dig deep if they expect to win. They are clearly more talented, but this year the talent has not equaled wins. This is a team that is desperate for a win, but I don't expect another until next season against Sacramento State.

Pat Hill and his Bulldogs used to be the hunters and now they are the hunted. It's apparent, its a role they're not prepared to handle.


Anonymous said...

"Do unto others as you would want them to do to you."

Sure WAC members would love to humble Fresno State.

Why not?

Look at Fresno from their perspective. Take a second and take a look.

We have a coach (Hill) who is constantly beating his chest that the Bulldogs are too good for the WAC and that the only way his great Dogs will gain respect is to play BCS teams, yet this bragging coach can't even win his own pathetic conference.

How would you feel if you were Hawaii, SJSU or any other member of the WAC?

Hill has insulted the rest of the WAC and now it's payback for Hill. He brought this on himself 100%.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the public, not coach Hill that constantly says we are (were) too good for the WAC.

mdg said...

By clearly not making the WAC title his number one goal, is a slap in the face to other conference members!

There is only team that can say they are better than the WAC and, sadly, it is Boise State. The Broncos have only lost three WAC games in six years. And all were on the road, at Rice and LA Tech in 2001 and FS last year. However, the Broncos have yet to prove their BCS ready! But base on merit, BSU is the only WAC school worthy to move up to a better conference.

Hill must win the WAC before he can win a national title, you can not have one without the other.

Hill would make a perfect coach at Hawaii. The Warriors consistently finish their WAC schedule in early mid-November and usually finish the season at home with two BCS teams.

This would work for Hill based on his comments this year about last season's finish. Saying, playing and losing at USC, was like opening up all your gifts on Christmas Eve...there was nothing left...

nsc said...

Mdg so do you think if we opened against USC and lost Hill would say we had nothing left to play for because we already lost to USC? I believe he would truthfully. In the end it isn't close to true either just look at Arkansas. They took a beating against USC and have not looked back since. Hill should have used the loss as a springboard, not a way out. I have no faith in him as our coach anymore.

Now everyone always says who would do a better job? Here's the answer: Anyone. You want to know why? Well if we are just talking about football all Hill has done is lead the Dogs to wins over teams they should beat (aside our victories over Colorado, Virginia). So in turn we would need a coach who beats bad WAC teams and occasionally upsets a BCS team. I am sorry but the numbers don't lie. Hill may have made a name for us with respect to academics and national attention, but football wise he is an average coach now and cannot hang with these other coaches and the adjustments they make.

Anonymous said...

NSC, your comments exactly reflect points I have been trying to make for some time. Thank you for doing a better job at articulating my position.

Occassional wins at BCS schools--usually in their down year--have blinded many loyal Red Wavers to the reality of mediocre coaching, poor decision making, and sub-par staff hiring. Hill's "stay the course" BLUF is in reality a cover for an inability to make appropriate adjustments during game time, I believe.

$1,300,000.00 anually! Really, we should expect more.

Steve Burnes

Anonymous said...

what ever happend to will henry calss of 1989?

Anonymous said...

thats class of 1989.