Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Should We Root for Boise? Of Course Not

Let me just start this out by saying I am not a supporter of Boise State. I do not care if they will give us an extra $400,000 dollars by getting to a BCS game, I am looking at the long term effects here and I think Boise in a BCS game will be a horrible occurrence for the WAC. Yes, Karl Benson thinks it would be great to get Boise into a BCS game but he has personal ties to the Broncos. For those Fresno State fans pushing for a Boise State BCS birth I only have one question for you: What the hell is wrong with you? I don't care if Boise roots for us whenever we are playing in a bowl up there, we have no business cheering on another team from our division. Having a deep hatred for another WAC team is where a rivalry begins. Look at Fresno State and Hawaii. Yes of late the games have not been close but do any of you honestly root for Hawaii in a bowl game? I feel like Hawaii is the best team in the WAC but when they play in the Hawaii bowl I could care less if they come away with a victory or not. It isn't as if the ESPN cup is that important that we have to find a way to cheer for other members of our conference.

Here is the problem with Boise making a BCS game: They will have done it in the exact opposite fashion that Fresno State desires to do it in. In other words Boise will have accomplished this goal in a way the Bulldogs would have never thought of trying. Fresno tries to schedule the bigger stronger teams in the nation so if they do win there will be no question as to who is deserving of a bowl game. The Broncos on the other hand could care less who they play out of conference as long as they are beatable. Yeah I know Oregon State beat USC but how many times have the Broncos won at Oregon State in the last four years? They can't beat a mid tier PAC-10 team if they are on the road and we all know about their decisive homefield advantage. To reward a team for going undefeated after they have played absolutely no one is wrong (Boise's SOS is in the 90's this season). The BCS system was put in place to reward mid-major schools but it should only reward those who take chances. Is it fair to give Boise the same shot that an SEC team with one loss will get? Look who the SEC plays every week. Arkansas has had to beat Auburn (on the road), Tennessee, South Carolina (on the road), and Alabama. To top it off they still have a game at Mississippi State and one at home against LSU to finish the season. If they win out they are rewarded with a probable final game against Florida in the SEC championship. So you are telling me that a Boise State team with marquee wins over Oregon State and Wyoming deserves the same type of bowl as this Arkansas team?

One final problem I have here is what will happen to Boise State if they do make a BCS game. They will get handled in the worst possible way by Wake Forest, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Rutgers, or Notre Dame. They have absolutely no chance to beat any of these teams and there is not one person that can argue that. Each one of these teams has much more talent and are far deeper than Boise State is. If Fresno State had gone undefeated they would deserve a BCS game by merit of their schedule. LSU and Oregon warrant a chance at another BCS team while Oregon State and Wyoming do not. I almost understand where many fans are coming from when wanting Boise to win, but I believe monetary matters have so much to do with this. Understand that money we would receive will go to something ridiculous like a new coach's salary and such instead of field turf or something the university could truly use it for. If we were to spend the money wisely the university would never be in the red like they are right now.

I just feel like there is one team we should follow in the WAC and that is Fresno State. We are all Bulldog fans and the Bronco love I have seen on the barkboard and similar sites really upsets me. I am tired of hearing the Fresno based radio shows who say it would be a great thing for a WAC team to make a BCS game. The only way that would be great is if it were the Bulldogs in a BCS game. We are Bulldog fans first and foremost. Do you believe Michigan fans want Ohio State to win the championship if they beat Michigan Saturday? Do you think UCLA fans would want USC to win the championship if they beat them at the end of the year? The same should go for Fresno fans. We cheer for one team together and that one team is Fresno State.


Anonymous said...

OK, NSC, you made your points well: We should hate our WAC brethern because they are our competitors/enemies. However, I have a different take on this issue.

Love Boise State? No. Respect them, yes. Until we dominate them as they do us, that is the only rational response in my opinion. A team that consistently outcoaches our staff, outplays our team (with less talented players, to boot), and proportionately outcheers our Red Wave must be respected; at least until we learn how to defeat them.

This is how I cheer: (1) Bulldogs first, foremost, and forever; (2) teams within our conference when they aren't playing the 'Dogs; (3) West Coast teams--except Mountain West slimes--when they aren't playing against the WAC. This is the way to improve our national standing, as long as we have to be in the WAC.

Of course, all this changes if we get to move to a stronger conference. Until and unless that happens, I feel we have to cheer on our conference and the region in order to improve the Bulldogs' cache and reputation.

Steve Burnes

nsc said...

I understand what you are saying Steve but I do not necessarily agree. I mean why ahould I respect a school that beats us year after year? Does that mean if I were alive during the years when San Jose beat us year after year I would have to respect them? Or I should respect Hawaii for beating us with a lesser of a team in 2001? I just don't have any liking for the other WAC teams and can say outside of Fresno State the only other team I go for is USC. I have been a Fresno State and USC fan for the longest of times. Like i said I understand and respect your opinion, I just don't support any other WAC teams, not my style.

Anonymous said...

We should worry about getting a new coach,OC, DC because these guys have stunk up the place lately.
To _ell with all the other WAC teams and the entire West Coast for that matter.
When need our Dogs to get coaches with brians and _alls to start winning!!!

Anonymous said...

This discussion shows that Fresno State fans are stupid. They drink Pat Hill's Koolaid and think "wait until next season" "Look at the great recruits we are getting".

You will never get a quarterback yet you still talk about Carr. Pat Hill recruited Bear Pascoe as a quarterback by lying to him. Oregon, Oregon State, Boise State all told Pascoe they wanted him as "best athlete" to play TE or LB.
Pat Hill also lied to Sean Norton.

So what is the future of Bulldog football? Bleak.

As for the $400,000 gift from Boise State, that will pay for the empty seats next season.

Go to bed and try to sleep....

Anonymous said...

May I quote you Mr. Burnes?
"outplays our team (with less talented players, to boot),"

Why do less talented players kick your butt?

Stop sipping the Koolaid.