Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Will He Stay or Will He Go?

There was never really any indication when Pat Hill's 10 day window of opportunity for the NFL ever started. The San Francisco Chronicle is speculating that the window started on January 8, the day the Houston Texans officially contacted Hill. That makes sense since Hill's first team meeting with his players is scheduled for January 18. This window may have eliminated Hill from coaching the Raiders and will likely keep him at Fresno State.

Hill has yet to have scheduled a formal interview with the Raiders and appears ready to assume his coaching duties for the Bulldogs. However, Oakland can still contact Hill before the 18th and could continue negotiations. This is where it gets tricky. Hill's window will probably end before Al Davis finds his next coach, but with Davis' top candidate headed to New York, Hill is likely the next candidate on his list. Even though Hill will continue on with recruiting and preparations for spring practice, Davis can still offer him the job after the 10 day window expires. If that happens will Hill stay or will he go?

Recruits are already wavering, and many Bulldog fans are uneasy with the whole NFL thing. Hill needs to cement his relationship with the community, his team, and the University. He tested the waters, got the attention of the community and hopefully it will rejuvenate the stagnate stadium expansion and renovation plans. From my sources and insight, I expect Hill to announce on the 18th that he will stay at Fresno State and will be committed for the long haul.

Take it for what it is worth. I would not be surprised if he did an about face, if Davis offered him the job in Oakland for double or triple his current salary. Only a select few get a chance to coach in the NFL, how could one pass it up? I would hate to be in Hill's shoes.

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