Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Nation likes to Watch the 'Dogs

A three game losing streak and uniteresting matchup against Tulsa did not turn off viewers from the watching the Liberty Bowl. This year's game can do no worse than be the 7th most watched bowl game of the 2005-06 Bowl season.

The Rose Bowl will more than likely be the most watched bowl game of all time, and will have this year's highest rating. After that only the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, Capital One, and Peach Bowls had higher ratings than the Liberty Bowl's 4.6. The Fresno State-Tulsa matchup killed the "better" TCU-Iowa State matchup on ESPN2 during the same time period. The Houston Bowl only had a 2.0 rating. The only other game on New Year's Eve was the Mieneke Car Care Bowl and that only had a 1.8 rating.

The Liberty Bowl had better ratings than other bowls with bigger matchups and prime time slots like the Holiday and Alamo Bowls. For the complete list of all 28 bowls and their ratings click here.

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