Wednesday, January 25, 2006

4 Star Bulldog, NOT!

Ricky Thenarse has committed to Nebraska, again. Even though his family wanted him to go to Fresno State, he stuck with his initial choice. Thenarse committed to Nebraska a couple of weeks ago, then retracted his commitment and said he would announce on ESPN his college choice January 25.

He made one last official visit to Colorado over the weekend, but it still was not enough to sway him. Supposedly, CU told Thenarse he could start immediately at corner, and even play some offense. It seemed CU had gained the edge since Nebraska was recruiting him strictly as a safety.


bdogpridevalleywide said...

omg, u commit, then detract, then recommit? i guess he just wanted some attention.

Gofsudogs2006 said...

I dont care what stars these guys are, it doesn't mean a damn thing when it comes to the college ranks. mankins was a walk on as well as McKintyre. So everyone can jump on the four and five star bandwagons, but I will remain happy with the walkons who make the NFL from Fresno State.

Anonymous said...

simply because those scouting sites list you as a committed player does not mean you have officially committed to a school. these people basically hound these young kids day after day with phone calls, asking over and over which schools they are interested in asking questions like, " so you've visited with the coaching staff just last week and now you're going to be making an announcement soon...... so which position will you be playing when you get there this fall? and from there, they go ahead and publish the fact that you're a solid verbal. at least, that's the way it looks to me. in his case, i think these people cared alot more about being the first site to publish a committment instead of realizing that it's a big deal to him and letting him have his well earned 15 minutes to make an official announcement on espnu that was covering his basketball game.

and in response to the second comment on here, 4 and 5 star ratings aren't a guarantee that a player will be able to handle the college ranks. there are tons of quality 3 star players in the tough leagues in texas that are 10 times better players than 4 stars on the coasts. then there are the intangibles, as well as the specific needs of a team. that said, these people who create these ratings never sleep. they watch tape after tape, go to thousands of practices and games at thousands of schools, and they generally have the next level in mind when testing at the combines. so while there might be a 2 star out there that can fill a void or may have potential, no one's going to fill a recruiting class with them. exept, it seems, fresno state.

but be realistic. fresno state isn't going to get 5 star players anyway, to be honest, i didn't even know you had a team until running into this site. so it's convenient to say you'll take walk ons or whatever, cause you have to.