Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Deadline Ends Today

NFL or Bulldog?

from the Fresno Bee:

"I understand that giving a deadline limited some opportunities with some teams," Hill said. "Different teams have different timelines. I understand that. If something doesn't happen tonight, I plan on being here a long time, building this program to where it should be."

Will Pat Hill be offered an NFL job this evening? Does he have a secret interview scheduled for today? Will he announce tomorrow that he will be leaving the program to be an assistant coach in New England? The Patriots lost their defensive coordinator to the Jets, does Hill jump sides to become the new DC in N.E.? By his statements to the Bee, looks like Hill will make his final decision tomorrow.

What about next year? Reading the last sentence in his quote, it seems Hill will not explore any other NFL opportunities anytime soon. If NFL interest was high this year despite a season-ending 4 game losing streak, what will happen when he finally puts it together and the 'Dogs run the table or at least win a WAC title? Hill has taken the long, hard road to build his legacy at Fresno State, and hopefully he will finish the job he started before he ventures away to the NFL.

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