Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Good Person...

Is how his former quarterbacks from the NFL describe Fresno State's new offensive coordinator Steve Hagen.

"I believe first and foremost that Fresno State hired a first-class person in Steve Hagen." -Jeff Garcia Detroit Lions quarterback

"As a person, you couldn't find anyone better. He's a man of outstanding character. He's good to talk to. As a player you can go and talk to him and talk about your problems and he would listen and I knew there was nothing false about him." -Kelly Holcomb Buffalo Bills quarterback

Its official Pat Hill made the announcement earlier today. As I stated in the earlier post Hagen has had some great years as a college offensive coordinator, but has some terrible ones too. I just can't get over how Garcia and Holcomb described their former position coach. I know later on in their quotes they mention his coaching abilities, but their openings remind me how someone would describe an ugly woman, "She has a good personality."

Ugly can be very scary!

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