Thursday, February 16, 2006

More Badgers....

Fresno State and Wisconsin signed a 2-for-1 deal back in 2001. The Bulldogs played at Wisconsin in 2001, and return to Madison in 2009. The Badgers are scheduled to play at Bulldog Stadium in 2008. Although, the deal was signed about five years ago, Wisconsin has just released its future schedules through 2010. Fresno State is still on the schedule. What also makes the deal look strong is the fact that the Badgers are scheduled to play at fellow non-BCS schools UNLV and San Diego State in the coming years.

The Bulldogs and Badgers have split their only two meetings, FS won 32-20 in 2001, and UW won 23-21 the following year in the John Thompson Classic in Madison. Many fans were worried since Barry Alvarez retired that the FS-UW series would be cancelled, but many didn't realize Alvarez is still staying on as the Athletic Director.

The Badgers will be the first Big Ten team to play at Bulldog Stadium. Fresno State has hosted only a handful of BCS teams in the 25 year history of Bulldog Stadium. Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington State have visited from the Pac 10 and Baylor from the Big 12. Kansas State and Kansas from the Big 12 are scheduled to visit Bulldog Stadium in 2007 and 2009, respectively. Kansas is a home and home, but Kansas State is a 2-for-1 with Fresno State returning to Manhattan in 2008.

Bulldog fans should not feel down about getting a two-for-one with the Badgers or Wildcats. It is better than the one and done deals that have such a common occurrence in the Pat Hill era. I won't dwell on the former inept Athletic Director, but I expect the football contracts to be a lot better in the future. As well, some BCS teams even settle for 2-for-1 contracts. For instance, Washington State will begin a 2-for-1 arrangement at Wisconsin in 2007.

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