Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fresno State 2006 Schedule

It's official the 2006 schedule was just released on The schedule is highlighted by the Friday night home opener against co-WAC champ Nevada on ESPN2 and the first Saturday ESPN game at Bulldog Stadium against Oregon. The mid-season non-conference game at LSU is also slated for ESPN, which was not listed by the WAC ESPN football schedule release.

Another great surprise is the last three home games have a 2pm PT kickoff, and only the home game not on a Saturday is the opener against Nevada. The rest of the schedule has only two other non-Saturday games, but both will be televised on ESPN2, Wed. 11/1 at Boise State and Fri. 11/24 at Louisiana Tech.

2006 Football Schedule
Fri 9/1 Nevada ESPN2 7:00 PM
Sat 9/9 Oregon ESPN TBA

Sat 9/16 @Washington TBA
Sat 9/30 Colorado State 7:00 PM
Sat 10/7 @Utah State TBA
Sat 10/14 Hawai'i 2:00 PM (Homecoming)
Sat 10/21 @LSU ESPN TBA
Wed 11/1 @Boise State ESPN2 5:00 PM
Sat 11/11 New Mexico State 2:00 PM
Sat 11/18 Idaho 2:00 PM

Fri 11/24 @Louisiana Tech ESPN2 6:00 PM
Sat 12/2 @San Jose State 3:00 PM


gofsudogs2006 said...

Wow, tough is the first word that comes to mind when I stare down that schedule. Think about it, we will have a rooke qb in there, with two rb's who haven't played in over a year and at least three new coaches (four if i am not mistaken) to take on this enormous schedule. I have been a Bulldog fan for a long time and I can say i don't remember a schedule quite like this one. Sure the one with both Oklahoma and Tennessee was tough but this one takes the cake.
Just looking at the schedule here are the tough games: Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado State, LSU, Boise State, La. Tech, and Hawaii. We do not play a div. II openent this year and have very few easily winnable games. I believe the other four games are San Jose, Idaho, NMSU, and Utah State. If anyone is worried about so called trap games this season, forget about it. There are so many tough games that the word trap shouldn't even enter Bulldog fans minds. If there was ever a schedule to run the table (although highly unlikely) this would be the one. Anyone else think this is an insane schedule for a so called mid major to be playing? I think Fresno is doing a great job of playing games that we all want to see, let's just hope they win a good amount of them because if they don't then what was the point in the first place?

mdg said...

Nevada does scare me, somewhat. The Pack will not fear the Bulldogs after beating them last year, winning the WAC and beating UCF in the Hawaii Bowl. While watching FS lose 2 more after losing at UN.

Jeff Rowe will be the best QB in the WAC this year and many will predict the Pack to win the WAC. FS will be an underdog by many in the opener, a role they relish to play. FS should win as long as they don't make any stupid mistakes/turnovers. UN will not have the same succes on the ground as they did last year.

As for the rest of the schedule, I think FS finally will get one over on Oregon, if they can beat UN. At Washington is the "trap" game. The team will jump right back on the map with wins over WAC favorite UN and top 20 UO, but UW will not be an easy game by any accounts. I would not be surprised to see FS start out 0-3, too. LSU will be a loss, unless the Dogs play the game of their lives or LSU just overlooks FS. At Boise and La Tech will be tough.

Part of me says FS will win a share a piece of the WAC if they can beat UN to start the season. Another part of me says FS will have a terrible year, if they lose to UN. Best case scenario besides running the table, I would have to say 10-2(7-1), losses at LSU and BSU or LA Tech. Worst case 6-6(5-3) or maybe even 5-7(4-4), losses to UN, UO, UW, LSU, BSU, LA Tech, and maybe Hawaii.

gofsudogs2006 said...

After looking at the schedule I realized we are a bit screwed with respect to the Boise and LSU games being back to back. I swear I hate two game losing streaks and I look at the schedule and just wonder how the hell that is even possible? They could have definitely made the Boise game later in the year but once again it is earlier than i would have hoped it to be. Well what do I know, I guess La Tech and San Jose are more thrilling closing games right? Come on now Boise and Fresno should always play at the end of the year.

bdogpridevalleywide said...

i really like having nevada to start as opposed to nmst. because the better challenge will be needed if we hope to beat oregon and go on a run. we usually have roller coaster years and this year may be no exception but if...IF one of our young QB's comes out of the gate on fire and throws out popular belief of how a young QB should perform (we've seen it before with pinegar before the injury), then i dont see why we can't get to lsu with no L's and then have a legitimate shot against them. only time will tell but all this waiting is killin me man!