Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2006 Special Teams

returning starter in black, *-redshirt, bold-player to watch

KClint Stitser Jr.*Kyle Zimmerman Jr.*

Stitser was named to the Groza list in 2005 despite playing in just 6 games his first year as a starter. His season ending injury against Idaho was a bigger impact than many had thought at first. Without Stitser, the dynamics of the offensive scheme changed dramatically. The Bulldogs were no longer guaranteed points when inside the 30 yd line. His full recovery is necessary for the Bulldogs to have an excellent kicking game, a Bulldog trademark under Pat Hill and John Baxter. However, it is nice to know there is a capable experienced backup, Zimmerman, that can boot kicks inside of 40 yards, if needed.


PMike Lingua Sr.*Robert Malone Fr.

Lingua has been a steady performer since 2004. He doesn't boot the ball far, but his hang time is unparalleled in the college game. He did shank a few down the stretch last year that really hurt the team, which was very uncharacteristic of him. He should have a good senior, and allow Fr. Robert Malone, at right, to redshirt and assume the starting position in 2007.

Outlook- Good.

KRClifton Smith Jr.*Joe Fernandez Sr.*Shannon Dorsey Jr.*Chastin West Fr.*Lawrence Hood Fr.

Adam Jennings graduation, Richard Marshall's early departure to the NFL and Smith's injury put a huge question mark on the kick returning game. Smith is one of the most exciting players to sport the Bulldog red. He will probably not return until at least late August, and could miss part of the season. Fernandez could fill the void, but who will join him or unseat him? Dorsey, West, and Hood were all excellent return specialist in HS. Dorsey is a straight up runner, not as elusive as Smith. West is a big strong player, and in my opinion would be a worthy KR along side Smith or Fernandez. Hood, like Smith, is very versatile and exciting.

Outlook- Questionable. No proven depth beyond Smith.


Smith has made his mark as PR in just a handful of returns. He has 3 returns for Tds in his short career. Fernandez showed last year against Idaho, he could be a great PR if needed. West and Hood could get a look here if needed.

Outlook- Outstanding.

LSKenny Amendola Jr.*Tyler Clutts Jr.*HJordan Christensen Sr.*

When was the last time you saw the Bulldogs botch a snap and hold on a kick? Often overlooked and taken for granted the LS and H must have precise timing and execution to perform well. The Bulldog special teams are among the best in the country and Amendola and JC are big reasons why.

Outlook- Outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Kyle Peterson? Don't you mean Robert Malone?

mdg said...

That was my typo. I wrote the original draft back in early Jan, when Peterson was still considering FS. I just forgot to update the info.

bdogpridevalleywide said...

so when was the last time we botched a snap? i cant remember.

gofsudogs2006 said...

I swear I remember us messing up a snap against Tulsa or La. Tech. I am not sure maybe it was Nevada, but i believe in one of the last four games of the season the snapper hiked the ball high and Lingua had to jump to get the ball and could not get the punt off. Am I wrong? I know it doesnt happen often at state so that is why I think I remember this happening

mdg said...

I swear FS had a bad snap on a punt last year. I could have sworn the snap went over the head of Lingua or something to that magnitude, but it has rarely happened with Baxter at the helm.

The last time I remember there being a bad snap and hold on a place kick was the 2003 opener at Tennesee. It was JC's first game and FS's only PAT attempt and the hold was bad and Visintainer botched the kick.

gofsudogs2006 said...

I found the botched snap, it was against San Jose State in the second quarter, but it wasn't a big deal at the time because the game was already on it's way to being over. Anyhow the ball was snapped over Lingua's head and he had to retreat to get it. That was the only time I could remember a bad snap on the punt. However, i do remmeber JC dropping a snap (while attempting about a 38 yard field goal) against La. Tech in the second quarter when the game was 3-3. I thought we were about to take the lead and he botched the snap. So I mean we usually have a great special teams unit but ours had its fair share of screw ups this past season.