Wednesday, February 22, 2006

4 'Dogs Invited to NFL Combine

QB Paul Pinegar, WR Adam Jennings, RB Wendell Mathis, and CB Richard Marshall are among the 300 plus players from 107 different universities invited to participate in the NFL combine starting today and continuing until Feb. 28.

Pat Hill continues to produce players that have the talent and ability to go to the next level. Only one other non-BCS school, New Mexico, had as many players invited. The Bulldogs had the same amount of players invited as Kansas, Kansas State, and Iowa State combined. They also had more players invited than these much bigger programs: Arizona State(3), Cal(3), Clemson(3), Notre Dame(3), South Carolina(2), Stanford(3), Washington(2), Washington State(3), West Virginia(2), and a host of other BCS schools.


Anonymous said...

I have Fresno State cornerback Richard Marshall being selected in the second round of the upcoming NFL Draft. If you would like to view my mock draft, it is free, at


gofsudogs2006 said...

Ok so even after the terrible ending of the season and the horrible senior bowl game Pinegar played in he will still be participating in the combine. So my question is who in their right mind is going to waste a pick on this guy? I would not even put him down as a seventh round value. His arm strength is bad, his decision making ability is bad, and his overall performance with the game on the line is......... you guessed it, bad! I would like to see Marshall drafted by the Patriots and from what I have read and hear they are seriously looking into him. I believe he will go late second or third round. Not bad for a junior from state. Just think where he might have gone if he stayed for his last year.

mdg said...

Pinegar could make a good 3rd quarterback in the NFL, in case of emergency break open glass. He has great poise, and will not get rattled if needed in an emergency. But you are right his arm strength is not good enough to be a starter or backup. He will not win any close games for a team, but a career 3rd stringer can still make a decent living.