Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, What Can I Say

Before Pat Hill and Fresno State made their magical run in 2001, Hill had only lost one WAC conference home game, a 20-19 setback in 1997 against San Diego State. Since 2001, Hill has lost four and one more tonight. That is one each year. I thought this team for sure was going to be the first since 2000 to not lose a home game, after they beat Boise State by 20.

Before the BCS madness struck the program, the 'Dogs took care of business at home. Do I need to mention, Hill's only WAC title came in 1999. Next year will be his tenth season, with all the highs and lows he has endured the last five years, a WAC title has to be the goal for 2006. Put the freakin BCS on the backburner for once.

I, like the rest of the Bulldog faithful were amazed in 2001, but I have never believed Fresno State would win a national championship with the current BCS setup. But there are so many Bulldog fans who have had the wool pulled over their eyes with the Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace mentality. Some tend to believe that Pat Hill + near future = national championship.

Pat Hill was the best thing to have happened to Bulldog Football, but do his coaching philosophies and team goals have to be changed? How many more years of losing out on a WAC title have to elude the 'Dogs. The poor guys over at 1430 ESPN radio Gameday tailgate have a huge cake the celebrate a WAC championship that is going to go to waste.

Qaadir Brown's long fumble return gave the 'Dogs some hope, but his swan dive set the PAT back 15 yards and special teams have not been the strong point the last few games. I stated in early posts that Fresno State resembled Virginia Tech this year in their style of play. Well, they are playing like Virginia Tech of 2002 and 2003, great start but bad finish.

I wonder if Steve Ehrhart and the Liberty Bowl are second guessing their pick. Louisiana Tech is 7-4 (6-2), Fresno State is 8-4 (6-2) but the Bayou Bulldogs are a lot closer to Memphis and are ending the season on a high note.

This Fresno State loss all but guarantees, Memphis opposite the 'Dogs in the Liberty Bowl. Fresno State has lost its marquee value and national ranking, and the Liberty might need the hometown U of M Tigers to sell tickets.

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