Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Feel of Oregon

This game had the feel of the Oregon game from September 17. In both games the Bulldogs jumped out to a lead and had their opponent on the ropes. Only to lose momentum and trail by three at the half. In both games Fresno State got conservative on their first drive of the second half and settled for a tying field goal. But the pace is far slower in the Tulsa game compared to the high-scoring game at Oregon.

The big difference today is that the defense and special teams are making plays, but the offense has not been very effective on capitalizing on those plays. But for once it can't be blamed on Paul Pinegar. The run game has been stood up three times on third and short and once on fourth and short from inside the Tulsa 10 yard line. Fresno State has taken over the game to start the final quarter, but the lineman need to win the battle of the line of scrimmage on short yardage situations.

Maybe, Cignetti should call a play action pass on the next third and short. Well, on the second play in the fourth quarter, Fresno State faced a third and one from the Tulsa 21 yard line. The play call by Cignetti? A pass and the result is a touchdown. This game should be a 38-17 rout, but is still too close on the scoreboard at 24-17.

One more defensive stop and this game could be over if Fresno State adds one more touchdown. How ironic, Paul Pinegar is having another great bowl game. This game is being won on the arm of Pinegar. The ground game has fallen short on many short yardage situations, but Paul runs for a first down on a key fourth down and throws the go ahead score on the most crucial third and one of the game.

The defense got the stop lets see what the offense does?

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