Thursday, December 22, 2005

Does Anyone Really Care About Tulsa?

I have never seen such little hype or hoopla prior to a bowl game in Bulldog history. The only one that comes close is the 2003 Silicon Valley Classic against UCLA. Fresno State was playing UCLA and every Bulldog fan was ho-hom about the 6-6 Bruins mainly because it was going to be the program's 4th straight trip to San Jose.

This year on the other hand the team is going to the historic Liberty Bowl but the opponent, Tulsa, is far from enticing. Bulldog fans we are pretty fickle. If the opponent does not get us hard then we really don't even care about the bowl. Well that has been the attitude ever since 2001. It doesn't help that the Bulldogs have lost three straight, but that is over and done with. Beat Tulsa and 9-4 is lot better than 8-5. Starting 2006 on a one game winning streak is better than starting with a four game losing skid.

The Liberty Bowl is just over a week away and its about time to start breaking down this bad boy. Tulsa has one awesome player to watch and that is tight end Garrett Mills. Kick returner Ashlan Davis is no slouch either. Neil will guest blog next week with a break down of Tulsa. Anyone else who would like to contribute drop me a line. Otherwise keep reading.

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