Friday, December 02, 2005

It Wasn't Even Close...

Louisiana Tech put the beat down on the 'Dogs 40-28. Fresno State will enter the Liberty Bowl on a three game losing streak, their second straight season with a three game losing streak. The game can be summed up in one word, turnover.

Fresno State looked terrible and La Tech's pedestrian offense ran all over the Bulldogs with ease. Paul Pinegar capped his senior with his worst performance of the season, and Wendell Mathis and Bryson Sumlin were not too hot either. Each had a fumble that led to a La Tech score.

Only one person can be blamed for this loss, Pat Hill. Any coach can get his team up to play their game of the lives against the No. 1 team in the country, but it takes a special coach to get his players refocused and motivated to cap off their season with an outright conference title.

I love the players hard work and respect their play, but the coaches fucking suck balls right now. If Paul, from Fox Sports Radio 1340 lore, who used to call in to Kelley Carr's radio show and say Fresno State would never win an outright WAC title as long as Hill is the coach, is reading this or if you know him, tell him to drop me a line. I would love to hear his take on this season. Many might think he is a dumbshit, but he has been right.

And for the other misnomer who wrote into the Fresno Bee saying Hill should be fired, he doesn't look like the fucking idiot so much anymore. I am not calling for the firing of Pat Hill, I am just writing what I think, hear, read and feel. You gotta give it to the Bee for running that editorial the morning of the last game of the season. They got exactly what they wanted since Fresno State lost. Everyone will be questioning the goal of the whole program if Fresno State loses the Liberty Bowl, especially if the opponent is Tulsa or 6-5 Memphis, hell, even if 9-3 UCF is the the opponent.

All the respect Hill brought to the program with the great game at USC; he has lost it all and more by not finishing out the season with a WAC title.

Do not call me a bandwagon fan. I have been a Bulldog fan since I was able to wipe my own ass, and I didn't take the short bus to school. This blog will live as long as possible, but I am only one person. I will continue to post as much as possible in the offseason, hopefully everyday, recruiting season is just around the corner, then its spring ball. But my goals are to expand the site and eventually for it to have its own url. We'll see what happens.


FS said...

The goal of building a National Title contender is far more important than a WAC championship, look what 3 time WAC champion BSU did at Georgia. The WAC title means little but a reason to complain about things. This is yet another OUTSTANDING year for FSU, playing in their BEST bowl game EVER. Each year Pat Hill has the program better than the next, you can as nothing, absolutely nothing more of anyone...

Anonymous said...

Dude are you really serious? How are you suppose to go the next level if you dont dominate ur conference! U cant say this season was outstanding when they didnt win the last 2 games of the season. PH and crew just needs to go independent if he truly wants this "NC" so their wont be no worries to win a conference.


FS said...

You have no idea how to build a program, if you did, you would be doing it instead of posting about it. No offense, just none of us do, so dont critize those that know what they are doing.

Another thought, your son is a hotshot high school football player and asks you for advice. You gonna tell him to go to a school that is building to beat teams like Nevada and Boise? Or are you going to say..."take your shot" and stand toe to toe with the best.

THREE CONESECUTIVE WAC CHAMPIONSHIPS GOT BSU NOTHING! Hear that...nothing. Beating WAC teams and beating BSC teams obviously takes a different kind of program. No one in the WAC has figured out how to do both. So if you have to choose, I'd say choose to beat BCS and put players in the NFL. One big win for FS and college fans will be like, "La Tech who?" they are in the WAC?

Or...ask any top ten program, "You need one win to get in a BCS game, would you rather play the 'WAC Champion' or Fresno?" I belive the answer is 10-0 they will take the easy win over the WAC Champ.

Pat Hill coached the best team to play USC this year to date, and got FSU in the best bowl game to date.

Are u serious? With that mentality we would be playing more 1-AAs and spend every bowl season at the MPC. Whether good or bad, the program at Fresno is FUN to watch, even if gut wrenching, heck my Wife has even started getting into it the past few years, the drama is good stuff.

mdg said...

Pat Hill has been at Fresno State for nine years and not one of his teams has been close to being a national title contender.

Bobby Bowden had Florida State in the Orange Bowl playing Oklahoma in 1980 and 1981, his 4th and 5th seasons, but his team was not considered a national power until the 1987 season and beyond......

An 8-4 season and a Liberty Bowl berth vs an 8-4 Tulsa is not an outstanding season.

Next year is Hill's tenth season and he has only delivered one conference title, no BCS bowl apperances, and only one season ending top 25 ranking.

Fresno State gets more national respect than any other non-BCS school, but there little substance behind it.

Everyone is praising Notre Dame this year, but their only wins over teams over .500 are at 7-4 Michigan, 6-5 BYU and 7-4 Navy at home.

Hill has created that kind of mantra around Fresno State football, Fresno State beats a top 15 Oregon team in next year's opener and the Bulldogs are back on top of the non-BCS ladder.

But sooner or later Hill has to be able to finish a season.

Shit, Uraban Meyer accomplished more at Utah in 2 years than Hill has done in 9 years. But with that said, I would take Hill over Meyer anyday.

It would be a nice start if Hill overhauled his coaching staff(something he has never done) and hopefully with an increased budget he can go after 3-4-5 star recruits. The 1-2 star undercheiver with a chip on shoulder can only take you so far, size and speed wins national titles.