Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's Official

The Liberty Bowl will be one of three bowl games that will have SEC officials calling the game. The others are the GMAC Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. Although I believe instant replay will not be used in bowl games, the SEC is still sending a instant replay official and communicator. The three man crew also consists of a technician which is supplied by the home school or in this case probably the Liberty Bowl.

The SEC is one of the best BCS conferences in the nation, but in my opinion their refs are no better than the WAC's. In some cases I will even say they are worse. I am not one to complain about officiating because the game is still won on the field. Many Bulldog fans still complain about the Oregon game officials. Yeah, Fresno State was called for 16 penalties and the Ducks only 6, but the Bulldogs still had a chance to win the game but just couldn't figure out how to tackle #24 Whitehead.

Anyways, neither Tulsa or Fresno State are southern schools, so SEC officials may actually be impartial judges of the game. But the Conference USA, despite spreading into Texas, is widely considered a southern conference.

Like I said. I am not one to complain about officials determining a game. Fresno State always commits too many stupid penalties no matter who calls the game. If the Bulldogs come to play the outcome should not even be effected by stupid penalties, but if they do not come to play than the stupid penalties will be just another reason for fans to cry.


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